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PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
27 years old
Male.png Male
Tarnished Coast (US)
6799 hours in 77.8 month(s)
In-game ID
Tormod the Fox.2368
26,000  (Illustrious Achiever)
PvP Rank
North America 70x40.png This user plays for the territory of North America.
Fire God's Vambraces concept art.jpg This user has unlocked all Hall Of Monument items for Guild Wars 2.
Sylvari awakened at dusk are naturally curious and thoughtful. We love to learn and spend time reading and studying. We are intelligent and drawn toward the luscious complexities of magic. The Pale Tree awakened this user during the Cycle of Dusk.
Guilt This user has spent 6799 hours in GW2 in 77.8 months (2.9 h/day).

My Signature[edit]

  • [GW2W] User Foxman525 Image-User Foxman525 sig2.png Foxman525

About Me[edit]

Badge Profession Name Main/Alt
Tempest icon small.pngTempest icon small.png Elementalist Tormod Fire Mage Main-1
Reaper icon small.pngScourge icon small.png Necromancer Tormod Spirit Lord Main-2
Mirage icon small.pngChronomancer icon small.png Mesmer Tormod Fantail Main-3
Dragonhunter icon small.pngFirebrand icon small.png Guardian Tormods Flame Main-4
Badge Profession Name Main/Alt
Daredevil icon small.pngDaredevil icon small.png Thief Tor Near Alt 1
Soulbeast icon small.png Ranger Tormod Wildling Alt 2
Holosmith icon small.png Engineer Tormods Tyran E Alt 3
Spellbreaker icon small.png Warrior Tormods Brawn Alt 4
"Hello, my gaming name is Tormod, but I have many names like Tor and Rob.
First and foremost, I enjoy playing professions or classes with the most versatile gameplay.
The second object, which pleases my senses ever so much more than ecstatic, would be the ability
to be supportive in my build. This is why I love my Elementalist the most even though he plays berserker.
Guild Wars 2 takes a very different approach to combat than most games ever created which
engages and disengages my curious attention at the same time. What really draws me in is the importance of mobility
and positioning which makes the game feel smooth as wet ice! Looking backward, I truly and dearly miss
the combat trinity and in particular the dedicated healing role like from Guild Wars 1. Therefore, it has been
very weak in the diverse area, which is an unfortunate attribute.
One more thing; I love coffee!"
~incoming pros + cons list of gw2~

Professions reveal 12 (highlighted).jpg

Learning in Progress[edit]

My Wiki To-Do List[edit]

  1. Polish: Mad King's Clock Tower article.
  2. Polish: wiki signature
  3. Practice and incorporate grammar.
Helpful Wiki Pages[edit]

In game To Do List[edit]


  • Dailys = PvP, Fractals, Dungeons
Daily Metas[edit]
Daily Farms[edit]
Weekly & Monthly[edit]

To Get[edit]

Lengthy Goals[edit]

  • World Completion: Tick green.pngEle, Tick green.pngMesmer, Tick green.pngGuard, Tick green.pngNecro, Thief

Urgent Goals[edit]

Elementalist icon.png Elementalist: Tick green.png Berserker set     Tick green.png Viper set    
Necromancer icon.png Necromancer: Tick green.png Marauder set Tick green.png Seraph set    
Mesmer icon.png Mesmer: Tick green.png Viper set     Tick green.png Diviner set    
Guardian icon.png Guardian: Tick green.png Grieving set Tick green.png Harrier set    
Thief icon.png Theif: Tick green.png Sinister set Tick green.png Assassin set    
Ranger icon.png Ranger: Tick green.png Viper set
Engineer icon.png Engineer: Tick green.png Diviner set
Warrior icon.png Warrior: Tick green.png Diviner set