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Mysterious Present

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Mysterious Present exploding.jpg

A Mysterious Present moments away from exploding.

Mysterious Presents are objects that spawn during Wintersday. Interacting with one via Unwrap will cause it to explode, pushing players players backwards and to the ground, spawning either presents, skritt or both.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Buff Snowline Speed Boost - The present inflates upon being unwrapped, knocking back creatures in a point-blank area of effect. It then explodes after a 1 second delay, launching creatures in a point-blank area of effect and releasing a randomized group of five hostile skritt1.
1Summons 0-4 Skritt Foragers, Skritt Lobbers, and/or Skritt Pistoliers.


  • When they explode, 0-2 smaller Presents will also spawn at their location. Each present can be picked up by players and contains one Wintersday Gift.
  • They are on a 3-7 minute respawn timer, but the timer will not start until all the skritt have been killed.
  • Skritt are level-appropriate for the areas they are summoned in and do not drop loot.
  • The skritt spawning from the present are hostile against other foes, including their own team members when a mixed group spawns.
  • Each individual present has its own set spawn location. If a player is standing on this spot when the present lands, they will be knocked back.


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