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Mad Memorial is an achievement that is a part of Shadow of the Mad King. Added in Halloween 2017, it is a continuation of the series from Halloween 2012.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement rewards a title. Mad Memorial Shadow of the Mad King 20Achievement points
Track down firsthand accounts of Mad King Thorn's afterlife during Halloween, when the Mad Realm draws near.
Prerequisite: Mad Mementos
Title: Emissary of the Mad King
Reward:Mad Memoires- Complete Ignition.png Mad Memoires: Complete Ignition

1 Item Collected 0Achievement points
7 Items Collected 20Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


  • Scholar Tassi does not send you mail after completing this achievement, but she offers additional dialogue if you talk to her in Lion's Arch.
  • Apocrypha requires the Arguably Foodlike achievement, Lunacy requires the Routing the Rebel Rabble achievement, Fabrication requires the Courtly Service achievement, Hallowed Eves requires the Pumpkin Carving achievement, Rivalry requires the Ancient Grudge achievement, and Binding Agreement requires the Lunatic's Fashion achievement.

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