Mad Mementos

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Mad Mementos is an achievement that is a part of Shadow of the Mad King.


This achievement rewards items. Mad Mementos Shadow of the Mad King 10Achievement points
Track down firsthand accounts of Mad King Thorn's rule during Halloween, when the Mad Realm draws near.
Prerequisite: Mad Mysteries
Reward: Mad Memoires- Complete Edition.pngMad Memoires: Complete Edition

1 Item Collected 0Achievement points
7 Items Collected 10Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes

Mail from Tassi[edit]

Received upon completing the collection:


Magister Tassi

The Complete Collection of Mad Memoires!

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! With your assistance, the Durmand Priory has not only compiled the lost tome of the Mad King's life, but has appended it with yet-untold stories from his reign as king!

Do you remember how I was previously impressed by your brilliance? Ignore that memory! NOW I am in awe! Truly!

And for such a talented researcher, a new opportunity may have presented itself. Little is known about the Mad King's unlife after death, but during Halloween some of his court follows him out of his realm. Perhaps an interview can be arranged? Oh, the possibilities for firsthand accounts of the Mad Realm!

—Magister Tassi