Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2)

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Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2)

Item type
Shadow of the Mad King (2017 achievements).png Mad Maleficence
Soulbound on Acquire
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.

Hint: "While inspecting the fortifications of the Labyrinth, I found this left behind."

— In-game description

Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2) is a barely survived attempt at a romantic written work dedicated to admiring Palawa Joko.



Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2)

[Much of the page is charred, as if it were rescued from a fire.]

...the most special evening I have ever experienced—to gaze into your eyes, the twilight reflected, an eternity contained. There can be no other for me. I have lived and died every moment waiting for the gift of your everlasting companionship. That you would entertain my overtures though I have no titles, lands, or family name to lay at your feet—I am overcome. [Ed. Note: Scale back on the allusions to my generosity.] I have not the words to express the fullness in my heart.

Oh, great Joko, my existence is but to long for you... Every breath I take is but to beg for your attentions. I know that I cannot mean the world to you as you mean it to me. Yet, if I might even inhabit one flickering thought of your great mind, my very life would have achieved its pinnacle. [Ed. Note: You use "great" as a qualifier twice. Is that the extent of your vocabulary?]

Without the blessing of your presence, the sun, the sands, the warm caress of the breeze hold no appeal. I forget to eat while thinking of you; I cannot sleep—dreams of you are more fleeting than waking contemplations of your mellifluent voice, your soaring intellect, your ascendant countenance...

[Editor's Note: I was assured that you were the premiere bard, the preeminent troubadour in all of Elona, worthy of this commission. Have a care. Those who disappoint Joko tend to burn in the flames of their failures.]