The Scourge of Vabbi's To-Do List

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The Scourge of Vabbi's To-Do List

Item type
Shadow of the Mad King (2017 achievements).png Mad Maleficence
Soulbound on Acquire
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.

Hint: "I stole this from a tower in Joko's Garden of Seborhin using a hidden portal."

— In-game description

The Scourge of Vabbi's To-Do List includes Palawa Joko's many objectives during his reign.



The Scourge of Vabbi's To-Do List

  • 1Yes Commission a new scepter and crown. Everlasting tarnish is a thing.
  • Remodel the northwest wing of the Bone Palace. Centaur bones are so last millennium.
    • Griffons, maybe? Wings could be just the thing to add a little éclat.
  • 1Yes Add details about a Roller Beetle Championship to my legend.
  • Kill/Awaken current so-called "champions."
  • Scarabs. Research. Plague.
    • Post-plague merchandise?
  • 1Yes Spend some quality time in the Forbidden Vault. It wouldn't do for my harem to feel neglected or forgotten. Note: don't play favorites.
  • (Ongoing) Rule it all.
  • Track down Koss. Choose an appropriate place to hang him by his ankles. Above Yohlon Bluffs? Perhaps the Mouth of Torment. Five centuries seems too beneficent—seven?
  • Deface the Sunspear Sanctuary. Get creative.
    • Conscript/Awaken vandals?
  • 1Yes Rewrite the history of Arah and the birth of the gods. How to hint that I gave birth to them?
  • Audition Joko understudies. Awaken the best. Stand-ins are useful when you're the director and the star.
  • Consider a meditation practice (?)


  • The text can be read by interacting with Thorn's Trophy Shelf after completing the Close the Floodgates of Death achievement.
  • Based on the strikethrough symbols used in the text found in game, Joko had managed to complete the first, third, sixth, and tenth objective on his list.
  • Players without the Jackal can get to the lockbox through the openings at the top of the windows by gliding from the top of the northern mountain, or by Raptor's Canyon Jumping from the southern rock, which can be reached with a Springer.