Boe Kodigsson

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Boe Kodigsson is a norn painter. He can be found in Raven Lodge in Hoelbrak, standing near the entrance with his mate, Maerny Modig.


Shiverpeak Mountains


It's a glorious day. I can't wait to get home and paint.
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You're an artist?
I am. I paint portraits and landscapes, but more importantly, I'm a father. I have a beautiful baby daughter to warm my heart.
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Hoelbrak seems to have a fair representation of artists.
Yes, I think the crisp mountain air lends itself well to inspiration. Of course, the norn tradition of recounting heroic deeds and legends also plays a large part.
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You mentioned a baby daughter?
I've been with Maerny, my mate, for eight years. She's a talented skaald. Our daughter Isobel is the light of my life. I never knew how much a child could open my eyes.
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Children have a way of doing that.
Aye, Isobel astonishes us at every turn. Just looking into her eyes, or feeling her tiny hands, is enough to melt the coldest heart.
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I understand that. Good-bye.
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Congratulations. I'll be seeing you.
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I have nothing else to talk about. Farewell.
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Congratulations. Good-bye.
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No time to talk. Good-bye.