Orrian Runestone

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Orrian Runestone

Orrian Runestone.jpg

Stone of Hazaan
(Sparkfly Fen)
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Orrian Runestone detail.jpg
Screenshot showing the Orrian runes up close (composed of several screenshots to minimize glare from the surrounding fog).

Orrian Runestone is an ancient monument found at Stone of Hazaan. This is one of three locations where the Orrian syllabary appears in game.


Maguuma Jungle


This ancient monument reeks of corruption. The air around it is cold and vibrating with evil energy.
Talk more option tango.png
Touch it. (knocks the player back)
Talk end option tango.png
Leave it alone.


  • The text is a reference to the sonnet Ozymandias.
  • The obelisk's four walls contains the same set of runes, except mirrored two and two.
  • The translation for the Orrian syllabary is as follows:
Behold traveler,
the glory and
might that is
Orr. Be it
known that here
in the mighty city
of Arah, the Gods
did walk upon
earth, and teach
mankind the nature of
magic. Be it known
that it is here
that the brilliant
and doomed Malchor
carve their likenesses
into the living stone,
so all may behold
their might. Let the
Kings and Queens of
other lands and lesser
creatures witness our
wonders and cry out in
astonishment and humble
themselves. Beware our
works. Let this
marker last an eternity.

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