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Speed Boosts or Cloud power-ups are power-ups inside the Super Adventure Box. They give players a buff similar to swiftness, increasing their movement speed for a brief time. They're usually found inside of destructible barrels.


Maguuma Jungle
  • Rata Sum
    • Super Adventure Box
      • Hub (Only during the race)
      • Sunny Glade
        • Immediately after the fourth checkpoint
      • Dark Woods
        • To the left just after 1st checkpoint
        • On a platform with a green Snake, up in the canopy near checkpoint 3
      • Kingdom of Fungus
        • On a platform in the middle of the poison lake between checkpoints 3 and 4, just before the lily pads that lead to Moto's Breath
      • Rapids
        • Immediately before the second checkpoint
        • After the third checkpoint, just before the assassin bridge
      • Pain Cliffs
        • At the start
        • On the bluff just prior to the disintegrating clouds that lead to the first checkpoint
        • In the Assassin boss room, back right corner
        • Two at the block-pushing puzzle just before the second octopus
        • Two in the second octopus pagoda: one at the entrance and one on the top floor
        • After checkpoint 7, just before the toad room
        • In the maze

Event involvement[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png Reach the finish line! (0)

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