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Dark Woods
Pain Cliffs
Piranha pool.jpg

The pools in which piranhas can be found swimming.

Piranhas are enemy NPCs found inside Super Adventure Box. They are usually seen swimming around in water with a snorkel, but can also be found hidden in "improper" water without the snorkel. If players get too close they will leap out and attack, and afterwards may be picked up and fed to an Octopus or the Cat if one is nearby.


Maguuma Jungle

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Leaps from water at the player.
  • Will flop uselessly on the ground for a few seconds after attacking, before despawning.
  • If picked up, will jump from the player's hands after 8 seconds, knocking them down.
  • Piranha - Leaps at the player, dealing damage.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Catch and Release Super Adventure Box: Quality Testing 0Achievement points
Return a piranha to the deep water in the Test Zone.
Reward: Bauble Bubble.pngBauble Bubble
Piranha Released 0Achievement points


  • Piranhas do not despawn when dropped, though they will despawn a few seconds later if not picked up again.
  • If the player is not standing on solid ground when a held Piranha leaps from their hands, the Piranha will be destroyed. This includes bouncing on mushrooms, using trampolines, or even just normal jumping and falling.
    • If travelling a long distance with a Piranha, count to 6 or 7 before dropping it and picking it back up again, to avoid risking a despawn.
  • Has a miniature version.
  • A Piranha can be bought for 25 baubles at the choya shop at the end of Test Zone.


  • Getting hit by a jumping Piranha in Rapids is recorded in the combat log as "Chicken hits you for 0 using Piranha."
  • The pirahas are wearing a snorkel.
  • Originally, once a player picked up a Piranha, they would continue to hold it until they either dropped it (either voluntarily or were knocked down), fed it to an Octopus, ran out of lives and were sent to the Game Over room, or travelled back to the hub. Changing zones did not remove it, so it was possible to bring a Piranha all the way to the end of W2Z3. This is no longer the case.