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Itzel Poison Lore

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Itzel Poison Lore.png

Itzel Poison Lore

Heart of Thorns mastery point

Track region
Heart of Thorns
Mastery track
Itzel Lore
Req. experience

Before completion: Learn about Itzel poisons, and gain the ability to pass through poisonous Mordrem vines and withstand poison hazes that exist in Maguuma

After completion: You can now enter poison haze areas and pass through poisonous Mordrem vines without taking damage.

— In-game description

This mastery allows you to pass through the aforementioned vines and hazes that would otherwise block access to certain Mastery Insights, areas, and events throughout Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths, and Dragon's Stand, such as: