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Exemplar Caulden

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Living World Season 3.

Exemplar Caulden is a Shining Blade operative stationed in Lake Doric during the Siege of Divinity's Reach by the White Mantle. He informed the Pact Commander of research into Spectral Agony and how to use a lesser form of it called Signet of Agony. Caulden was present in the Shining Blade headquarters with other exemplars in 1330 AE when the Pact Commander was sworn into the Shining Blade's inner circle.



Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]


Before unlocking the Spectral Aid mastery
Looks like you're still getting acquainted with the finer points of Spectral Aid. Return to me when your training's complete and you're ready for a demonstration.
Talk end option tango.png
Can you remind me what Spectral Aid is?
Exemplar Caulden: The mursaat's ability to phase between our world and the Mists allows them to tap into magics unobtainable in the mortal realm.
Exemplar Caulden: Spectral Agony is the pinnacle of this ability. And we think we've found a way to harness a form of it for our own use.
Exemplar Caulden: You see, unlike a mursaat or their construct, you can't phase between our world and the Mists at will.
Exemplar Caulden: But while close to death, you've already got one foot in the Mists... "At death's door," as they say.
Exemplar Caulden: Using remnants of jade constructs, I've fashioned a sigil that allows you to cast Spectral Agony when you're near death.
Exemplar Caulden: But I'll warn you: the longer you tap into this power, the more it will pull you into the next world. Use it wisely.
Talk end option tango.png
I will. Thank you.
After unlocking the Spectral Aid mastery
I've already briefed you about Spectral Aid. What else can I help you with?
Talk ready option.png
I want to see it in action.
<Character name>: I've trained to use this sigil of yours, and I'm ready for a demonstration.
Exemplar Caulden: Ah, excellent! To demonstrate this, I'm going to need to hit you. Hard. Brace yourself! (He knocks you back and downs you)
Exemplar Caulden: The longer you channel energy through the sigil, the wider your range, but the more damage you'll endure.
Exemplar Caulden: Channel it until you've enveloped the dummies, then release.
(If you used Signet of Agony on the dummies to rally)
Exemplar Caulden: Splendid, now we're fighting fire with fire! If you ever have any other questions, be sure to see me!
(If you died)
Exemplar Caulden: Let's try that again, shall we? (He revives you)
Talk more option tango.png
Can you remind me what Spectral Aid is? (same as above)
Talk end option tango.png
Nothing right now. Sorry.


  • Prior to being instructed by Logan to talk to him, Exemplar Caulden will not speak to you.