Mad Armory: Carapace of Chaos

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Mad Armory: Carapace of Chaos is a Festival Collection that was released during Shadow of the Mad King 2019. It is available year-round.


This achievement rewards items. Mad Armory: Carapace of Chaos Shadow of the Mad King (2017 achievements).png Festival Collections 5Achievement points
Show your allegiance to the Lunatic Court by performing various feats while in a ghostly form from eating certain Halloween foods.The storehouses of the Mad Realm contain many artifacts crafted by the Lunatic Court at their king's behest.
Although tales of the Shell of Insanity have spread, its descendant works have remained forgotten—until now.
Reward:Carapace of Chaos.png Carapace of Chaos

1 Feat Accomplished 1Achievement points
5 Feats Accomplished 4Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collection Type Subtype Notes


  • A ghostly aura can be obtained from eating the following foods:
  • You will need to buy/craft four foods, because while the nourishment does last the stated duration, the ghostly aura disappears when leaving a map.
  • It is recommended to eat the food just before killing the boss to ensure you have the ghostly aura active when it is defeated. However, this is only necessary for Tequatl the Sunless, so for the other chests one can alternatively disable "Autoloot: Quick Interact" to avoid immediately looting the chest when it spawns, giving you time to put on the ghostly aura.
  • The chest required for the Ghostly Curse Essence in Vizier's Tower is the Grand Chest which spawns after completing the Kill the Risen wizard patrolling the Vizier's Tower event, not the Orrian chest which triggers the event.

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