Levvi's Device

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the gizmo. For the exotic weapon, see Levvi's Detector.

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Levvi's Device

Item type
Bloodstone Sightings
Account Bound
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Double-click to scan for life-forms with high concentrations of bloodstone energy.

Hint: Carried to Wyvern Cliffs in Verdant Brink by a Consortium tracker.

— In-game description

Levvi's Device is a tool that can be used to display which Bloodstone-Crazed enemies can currently be killed.



Double click the device in your inventory and observe the results:

A single brief pink puff
This means that no Bloodstone-Crazed Creatures are currently due to spawn. Wait until the next spawn time and try again.
One or more red puffs with a mini creature underneath
A Bloodstone-Crazed Creature of that type is due to spawn in its respective map(s).
A red "downed" skull over a mini creature
The creature has already been killed in the map instance you're in. Join another instance of the same map, or wait until that type of creature comes back into rotation.


  • The direction of the indicator puffs does not have any significance. This device shows the existence or upcoming spawn of the creatures in the whole world, no matter which zone you are currently in (it works as well in PvP and WvW zones). View the Bloodstone Sightings achievement to see which maps a particular creature can be found in.
  • Standing on a flat surface or an elevated object may be required as the indicators may otherwise appear beneath the surface where they are not visible. The indicators should appear in front of your character.
  • The device activates immediately, so you may want to move your inventory window off to the side or quickly close it to see the results.
  • The mini creatures displayed are quite small and you may need to zoom in to see them.
  • Indication of a creature does not mean that it has already been spawned; only that it is due to spawn when enough normal creatures of its type have been killed in its map.


  • It seems that the creatures appear on a timed rotation over a three hour period, with a 30 minute "break" at the end of that three hour period, after which the cycle restarts. The moa and devourer are available during the first hour; arctodus/shark available during the second hour, wyvern for the next thirty minutes, and then thirty minutes when no creatures will spawn (which produces the pink puff animation). However, there have been some reports of the wyvern appearing halfway into the arctodus/shark time period (that is, starting at the 1.5 hour point of the cycle), and continuing to be available for a full hour until the break period begins.