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This timeline documents the events mentioned in the timelines provided in the Guild Wars novels, along with events mentioned within Guild Wars 2.

Mouvelian calendar Event
1327 AE Present day at the end of Living World Season 1.

Scarlet Briar's alliances attack Lion's Arch, destroying the city. Mordremoth, the Elder Jungle Dragon, awakens.

1326 AE Formation of the Molten Alliance, assaulting settlements in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. Aetherblades disrupt the Dragon Bash festival. Ellen Kiel is elected to the Captain's Council. Formation of the Toxic Alliance, building (and destruction) of the Tower of Nightmares.
1325 AE Present day in Guild Wars 2's Personal Story and the beginning of Living World Season 1.

Claw Island is assaulted by Blightghast the Plaguebringer. Formation of the Pact and defeat of Zhaitan. The karka attack Lion's Arch, and Southsun Cove is discovered. Mad King Thorn returns after approximately 250 years.

1324 AE Dougal Keane enters the crypts beneath Divinity's Reach, later retrieves the Claw of the Khan-Ur from Ascalon City. Ceasefire between charr and humans and beginning of peace negotiations towards the signing of a formal treaty in the future. Ogres invade from the Blazeridge Mountains.
1320 AE Kralkatorrik, the Elder Crystal Dragon, awakens. Creation of the Dragonbrand. The Ogre Revolt. Breaking of Destiny's Edge. Founding of the Vigil. Glint is killed by Kralkatorrik and her body retrieved by the Zephyrites.
1319 AE Eir Stegalkin forms a band of heroes known as Destiny's Edge.
1316 AE Jennah is crowned as the queen of Kryta.
1302 AE The sylvari first appear along the Tarnished Coast, sprouting from the Pale Tree.
1275 AE Last of the Elonian refugees arrive in Tyria from Palawa Joko's ravages. (approx.)
1270 AE The deep sea dragon awakens. The krait push the quaggan to Tyria. (approx.)
1256 AE Prince Edair establishes the Great Krytan Blockade before his fleet is destroyed by risen forces.
1230 AE Corsairs and other pirates occupy the slowly drying ruins of Lion's Arch. Cobiah Marriner begins rebuilding the city.
1229 AE The risen destroy Port Stalwart.
1225 AE The tengu from around the world migrate to Tyria and establish the Dominion of Winds, erecting a great wall encircling it. (approx.)
1220 AE Divinity's Reach is founded in the Krytan province of Shaemoor.
1219 AE Zhaitan, the Elder Undead Dragon, awakens. Orr rises from the sea. Lion's Arch floods. Contact with Cantha severed.
1185 AE Gargoyles mysterious vanish from Ascalon according to Shred Gnarltail. (approx.)
1180 AE The centaur prophet Ventari dies by the Pale Tree, leaving behind the Ventari Tablet.
1165 AE Jormag, the Elder Ice Dragon, awakens in the far north, sundering and dividing the kodan Sanctuaries and forcing the northern quaggan out of the arctic seas. Jormag shatters the Far Shiverpeaks and after a four-year-long blizzard, the norn are forced to flee south, establishing Hoelbrak.
1135 AE Vabbi, Istan, and Kourna fall to Palawa Joko. (approx.)
1127 AE Emperor Usoku defeats the Kurzicks and the Luxon, unifies Cantha and begins purging non-humans and political enemies.
1125 AE Last of the flesh and blood dwarves undergo the Rite of the Great Dwarf. (approx.)
1120 AE Primordus awakens in the Depths of Tyria. The skritt, remaining asura, and murellow are forced to the surface.
1116 AE Kalla Scorchrazor leads the rebellion against the Flame Legion's shaman caste. The Shamans and the Flame Legion are defeated on the Plains of Golghein and Kalla dies from poisoning. Female charr are allowed to fight once more.
1112 AE The charr erect the Black Citadel over the ruins of the city of Rin in Ascalon.
1105 AE Durmand Priory is established in the Shiverpeaks. New Krytan is established as a central written language by the Durmand Priory.
1090 AE The charr legions take Ascalon City. The Foefire.
1088 AE Kryta unifies behind Queen Salma.
1080 AE King Adelbern of Ascalon recalls the Ebon Vanguard; Ebonhawke is established.
1079 AE The Krytan civil war ends and Princess Salma is crowned; the Seraph are established. The Ministry of Purity rise to power.
1078 AE Primordus, the Elder Fire Dragon, stirs but does not awaken. Death of The Great Destroyer. The asura appear on the surface and renovate Rata Sum. The Transformation of the Dwarves. The dredge gain freedom.
1075 AE Nightfall occurs. Death of Abaddon. Kormir ascends into godhood.
1072 AE Prince Rurik leads Ascalonian refugees towards Kryta. The Door of Komalie is opened and the titans unleashed until Vizier Khilbron killed atop the Bloodstone. Shiro Tagachi brings the Affliction.
1071 AE The Sinking of Orr.
1070 AE The First Charr Invasion of Ascalon. The Searing.
898 AE The Great Northern Wall is erected.
358 AE Kryta becomes an independent nation.
300 AE Kryta established as a colony of Elona. First recorded battles of the Centaur War.
2 AE Orr becomes an independent nation.
0 AE (Year 0) The Exodus of the Human Gods.
1 BE The Human Gods give magic to the races of Tyria.
100 BE Humans drive the charr out of Ascalon.
205 BE Humans appear on the Tyrian continent. Founding of Orr.
1674 BE Estimated date of dwarven civilization's birth according to Magister Sieran. (approx).
9,674 BE Estimated date of previous Elder Dragon rise according to Varra Skylark. (approx).
10,000 BE Last of the Giganticus Lupicus, the Great Giants, disappear from the Tyrian continent. (approx).

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