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Ancient Ascalonian mural of Dwayna.
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And when the world rang with the clanging of swords and did fire fall from the skies, Dwayna, goddess of life and air, heard the wailings and pleas of the weak.

And when the rumblings of war did not cease, came Her charge, Doric, who did prostrate himself at Her feet.

And cast She now a glance upon the war-torn lands and wasted flesh of the fallen, and with tears upon Her cheek did lay Her gentle hands upon the prostrate man. Then saith She unto to him and all Her charges, "Lay down thy weapons, and as I have done unto ye, so ye must do for your brethren. Offer protection to the weak. Give solace and shelter to those who need it. Be ye a salve to the wounded.

"For I am your goddess, and I will give blessings to all who follow these teachings."

— Scriptures of Dwayna, 115 BE

"The first of the gods to step forth from the mists was Dwayna, goddess of air and life. She placed her pale foot on the stones of Arah, opened the gates, and brought humanity to the world."

"She chose Tyria and brought with her those who would make this world a paradise. As she had promised, Dwayna led her people to peace."

Orrian History Scrolls

Dwayna is the goddess of healing, air, and life. Often depicted as a young, tall, and slender woman rising over the ground on huge feathered wings, she is the leader of the Six Gods and her known scriptures have the oldest date to them. Her most devout worshipers are often healers, and help both the rich and the poor equally. It was she who commissioned Malchor the Sculptor to create statues of the gods, so that the humans could gaze upon the gods without becoming blinded. Out of his love of Dwayna, Malchor accepted the task, and though he was successful at his work, he was rendered blind after completing Dwayna's statue, and committed suicide out of grief when the gods departed the world.

According to Orrian scrolls, Dwayna was the first of the Six Gods to have arrived on Tyria and brought humanity to the world, hoping to turn the world into a paradise for its inhabitants. She is the mother of Grenth, the god of death, and also often depicted weeping over pain or loss.

Before The Cataclysm, Orrians worshiped Dwayna at the Cathedral of Zephyrs.

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