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Memory of Otter

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Memory of Otter

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Grants progress toward the Significant Otter achievement. If the achievement is complete, reveals a vision of Otter.
The norn may have fled these lands, but their memories remain.

— In-game description


Gathered from[edit]

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Icebrood Saga Material Icebrood Saga Material 5 for Satchel of Poster-Making Supplies.png

Salvaged from[edit]


Salvaging a Stormcaller weapon will yield memories of otter, even if the achievement is not unlocked
  • Memories will keep dropping after the Significant Otter achievement is completed. Consuming one after completing the achievement will trigger a random animation even if a character doesn't have Otter's Blessing Enrichment equipped.
  • As of the current research a Tribune's Chest yields 1.2 Memories on average and a Magnificent Chest yields 6 Memories on average. This adds up to 12 Memories per meta, requiring ~27 meta runs to complete the Significant Otter achievement (320 Memories).
    Drop research on drops from Tribune's Chest and Magnificent Chest can be found here.