The Long Way Around

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The Long Way Around

The Long Way Around map.jpg
Map of The Long Way Around


Entrance to The Long Way Around.jpg

Entrance to the cavern.

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The Long Way Around is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon located in an underwater cavern in Terzetto Bay, directly west of Fort Trinity in Straits of Devastation. Explorer Camelia, found at the entrance of the large underwater cavern, is worried about Scholar Fryxx, who has locked himself up in a cave behind an asuran force-field gate he designed to keep Risen out. Camelia has been trying to get the gate open, but the numerous Risen Hands and dead fish keep on shooting goo at anyone who comes close to them, making her unable to deactivate the force field.


The Long Way Around Explorer 10Achievement points
Find a way to reach Fryxx.Fryxx will know if you take the short way around. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

The cavern entrance is located east of Waypoint (map icon).png Vesper Bell Waypoint around the center of the triangle made up of three small islands in Terzetto Bay. The entrance can be seen by looking to the south-east at the bottom of the shallow bay.






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