The Long Way Around

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The Long Way Around

The Long Way Around map.jpg
Map of The Long Way Around

Entrance to The Long Way Around.jpg
Entrance to the cavern.

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The Long Way Around is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon located in an underwater cavern in Terzetto Bay, directly west of Fort Trinity in Straits of Devastation. Explorer Camelia, found at the entrance of the large underwater cavern, is worried about Scholar Fryxx, who has locked himself up in a cave behind an asuran force-field gate he designed to keep Risen out. Camelia has been trying to get the gate open, but the numerous Risen Hands and dead fish keep on shooting goo at anyone who comes close to them, making her unable to deactivate the force field.


The Long Way Around Explorer 10Achievement points
Find a way to reach Fryxx.Fryxx will know if you take the short way around. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

The cavern entrance is located east of Waypoint (tango icon).png Vesper Bell Waypoint around the center of the triangle made up of three small islands in Terzetto Bay. The entrance can be seen by looking to the south-east at the bottom of the shallow bay.


You will have 5 minutes to deactivate the six Asuran Data Pads (as the first pad will reset in 5 minutes), dispersed throughout the cavern, mostly around floor level, with the first two being high on the left wall of the entrance tunnel. Deactivating all six will open the gate and allow you to reach Scholar Fryxx and the Grand Chest next to him, earning the achievement. You will need to deactivate all of them while avoiding getting hit by the Risen Hands and dead fish. If you are hit by a hand or fish, you will have the effect Well of Corruption.png Covered in Corruption applied to you and you will not be able to activate any Data Pads, so you will need to go back to Explorer Camelia to have it removed.

The cavern itself is roughly in the form of an L-shaped tunnel which turns left towards the Gate. The Risen Hands are located on the floors, walls and ceiling of the cavern; sometimes hidden behind columns, and both they and the fish are immune to damage and cannot be destroyed. The greenish substance shot by the Risen Hands explodes into an AoE on contact and could end up contaminating you even while hiding behind columns, so it is best to keep moving to avoid the slow-moving shots, as the damage is negligible and the shots can be blocked, such as with aegis. However the contamination from fish cannot be blocked so give them as wide a berth as possible.

Tour the cavern to determine the location of each of the data pads before you attempt to trigger the data pads. All of the data pads do not have to be triggered between each cleansing. The most difficult data pad to access is the second one from the end that is surrounded by dead fish. If you get that one first then the others are reasonably easy to get within the 5 minute limit.





Related achievements[edit]


  • Completing this Mini-dungeon is required in order to obtain Tuning Instruments for Astralaria IV: The Cosmos, Fryxx's Souvenir for Kamohoali'i Kotaki III: Carcharias and Ancient Fish Bone for Nicabar Steelweaver's Footsteps collection.
  • After interacting with each data pad, a dialogue menu opens, and you must select the first option. It's extremely hard to do this while moving, as it's extremely unlikely that you'll avoid getting hit while standing still to use the menu. You also have to actually press Leave after deactivating instead of just swimming away for it to deactivate. If it is properly deactivated, the Data Pad can't be interacted with anymore and stays inactive for 5 minutes.
  • Mesmers can be used to quickly and safely get to difficult data pads. Have them put a portal by the data pad, swim to you and drop the other portal so you aren't tagged with the poison.
  • Thieves' Ink Shot is good for Asuran Data Pads that are surrounded by dead fish corpses.
  • It's a good idea to go through the cavern once or twice without worrying about being hit, so as to locate the Data Pads and Hands, devising a plan of approach to locate the holes and side passages which can reduce your exposure. Also, having some friends who will trigger the Hands to shoot them before you safely advance to deactivate the Pads can be a good idea as well.
  • You can use a Prototype Position Rewinder to help with this: go to each data pad in turn, leaving the one closest to the shield for last, and use the 1 skill (Mark Location). Swim back to Explorer Camelia to get the contamination cleaned off, then use the 2 skill to go back to the data pad and deactivate it. Repeat for all six data pads. Speed boons are handy but it's do-able without them.