The Maw

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The Maw was a fifty-foot long leviathan swimming in the waters of Malchor's Leap prior to the Rising of Orr. It was a purplish color with sharp teeth, each the size of a man. Long thought to be a sailor's legend, it began fervently attacking ships in in 1219 AE. This lead to King Baede sending out the Indomitable to investigate the cause of the ships' wrecks, resulting in a battle that was interrupted by Zhaitan's awakening.

It returned later in 1256 AE as a fierce Risen during the Orrian armada's assault on the Great Krytan Blockade. During the battle, it swarmed the waters consuming any being - living or Risen - that fell into the waters within its reach. It was the final Risen to be defeated, when Macha led the Pride straight into The Maw's gaping jaws and caused the ship's engine to explode.

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