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Councillor Macha, who was among the crew of Cobiah Marriner's ship, was an asuran mesmer that sacrificed herself to defeat the Maw, an undead leviathan that attacked Lion's Arch in 1256 AE. She was described as having a thickly braided loop of leather on the top of her head that held back orange, green, blue, and pink-dyed braids that went down her back and over her shoulder. She wore an embroidered blue smock with a magical-looking bird's-eye pattern stitched on the chest, and blue-black feathers hung from gold cuffs above her elbows, although in later years, she'd exchanged her blue feather robe for a plainer set of clothing.

She wore a turquoise bracelet around the top of one arm, a mark of her advancement in the asuran colleges—genius first grade. Its inscriptions matched the markings of Macha's invention, a navigational tool she had titled "the sextant". The first norn who laughed at the name found himself unable to speak properly for a week. Regardless of that, the instrument had so revolutionized navigation that the city had named a section of the docks after her: Macha's Landing.