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Disambig icon.png This article is about Farshore Ward during Living World Season 2. For the original Farshore Ward, see Farshore Ward (Memory of Old Lion's Arch). For Farshore Ward during the Season 1 finale, see Farshore Ward (The Battle For Lion's Arch).

The Farshore Ward is the southeastern most section of Lion's Arch. This page mainly documents Farshore Ward as it was during Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath until Lion's Arch rebuilding.

Farshore Ward contains a farm, run by the asura Tokk. This area was also used for a refugee camp for survivors of Molten Alliance attacks. The grawl refugees remained behind, but charr and norn refugees left after the attacks ended, either they signed a contract with the Consortium for housing on Southsun Cove or they returned with the norn heading to Cragstead, where most of the former had ended up after Last Stand at Southsun events.

In the northern part of the ward is what used to be Tigg's moa racing track.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Farshore Waypoint — Usage note
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Tokk's Mill Usage note
Vista (map icon).png Sharkmaw Caverns Vista — Usage note
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Ambient dialogue[edit]

At refugee camp, during Flame and Frost
Lionguard Lieutenant: Any change in the flow of refugees from the north?
Lionguard: None at all, sir. Fairly slow, but steady.
Lionguard Lieutenant: Good. A peak in refugees would mean bigger problems headed our way.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow and Lionguard Quatta patrol (full patrol dialogue)
Citizen: Excuse me. I have my documentation. I've been verified in the town's census, but you Lionguard won't take me back to my home.
Lionguard Quatta: Ugh, citizens. Why don't you handle this, kid?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Uh...where do you live? Um...ma'am.
Citizen: Postern Ward. Down the Windward lanes. I demand to be taken to my home.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Oh. I'm sorry. No one told you. Your home... It's a graveyard.
Citizen: What?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I was there, ma'am. During the attack and all. The ward got pummeled hard. A lot of people didn't make it out. They're buried down there. It's not safe, ma'am. I can't let you stay there. I'm sorry, ma'am. I wish I had better news.
Citizen: I... I see. You're the first person to give me a straight answer. Thank you.
Lionguard Quatta: Frankly, some citizens...they just want to complain. They'll talk your ears off if you let them. Anyway, not bad back there.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I felt like I was going to puke.
Lionguard Quatta: Heh. You survived Scarlet, but talking to the public scares you?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I...still get sick thinking about that day. I seriously thought I was gonna die. There was this charr Lionguard. Came out of nowhere. Pulled me up and got me out of the city. I wanted to thank him, but he was gone. I guess he went back in to get other survivors.
Lionguard Quatta: Sucker.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: What?
Lionguard Quatta: Nothing. Let's move on.
Ferkinna: Hey, Lionguard! When are you going to stop the looting? I've caught three guys already trying to break into what's left of my house!
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Ma'am, please understand that the Lionguard are doing everything—
Lionguard Quatta: Ferkinna! How's my favorite keg thrower?
Ferkinna: Quatta, you gill-sauced squeaker. Didn't see you there. Who is this runt? Looks like he stumbled out of the crib.
Lionguard Quatta: Rookie detail. Don't worry. He's good. So, looters. Your house is red-tagged, right? I'll slip a yellow tag on it. That'll scare away the looters, make 'em think the owners are coming back soon. Plus it'll get the renovators out there faster. You should be in by the next lunar cycle.
Ferkinna: Much appreciated. Drinks later? I've got a special krait wine that's just begging to be opened.
Lionguard Quatta: Krait wine? Why, that sounds like an illicit, smuggled good. (laugh)
Ferkinna: (laugh)
Lionguard Quatta: See ya around.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I screwed up back there, huh?
Lionguard Quatta: A little bit. Take it as a lesson. There's always another way to enforce the law.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: But moving your friend to the front of the renovation line? What about—
Lionguard Quatta: Out here, you can be a little fungible. If it'll help the city, of course.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: How does helping Ferkinna help the city?
Lionguard Quatta: Ferkinna's got a little side business in distribution. The kind where, if you make her happy, you'll find yourself with extra money at the end of the week. And did I say you could ask questions? Let's go.