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Exotic weapons are weapons of Exotic rarity.

Most exotic weapons have a single upgrade slot, but two-handed weapons have two upgrade slots.

Acquisition methods[edit]

Exotic weapons can be obtained in a variety of ways.


Exotic weapons can be crafted by level 400 or higher Artificers, Huntsmen, or Weaponsmiths.

Set name Weapon type Components Orichalcum Ingots Ancient Wood Planks Cured Hardened
Leather Squares
One handed Pearl Reaver Axe Blade 3
Haft 2
Pearl Carver Dagger Blade 3
Hilt 2
Pearl Bludgeoner Mace Head 3
Haft 2
Pearl Handcannon Pistol Barrel 3
Frame 2
Pearl Rod Scepter Core 2
Rod 3
Pearl Sabre Sword Blade 3
Hilt 3
Offhand Pearl Conch Focus Casing 3
Core 2
Pearl Siren Warhorn Horn 1 2
Mouthpiece 1
Pearl Brazier Torch Head 2
Handle 2
Pearl Shell Shield Boss 2
Backing 2
Two handed Pearl Broadsword Greatsword Blade 3
Hilt 3
Pearl Crusher Hammer Head 3
Haft 2
Pearl Stinger Longbow String 3
Stave 4
Pearl Blunderbuss Rifle Barrel 3
Stock 3
Pearl Needler Short bow String 3
Stave 4
Pearl Quarterstaff Staff Head 2
Shaft 4
Aquatic Pearl Impaler Spear Head 3
Haft 2
Pearl Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun Harpoon 2 2
Stock 3
Pearl Trident Trident Head 2
Shaft 2


Exotic weapons can be dropped from the following sources.

Mystic Forge[edit]

Certain exotic weapons can be crafted using certain Mystic Forge recipes.

Players can also toss in four Rare or Exotic weapons into the Mystic Forge to obtain a random Exotic weapon. The levels of the weapons must average 60 or higher.

  • There is an approximate 20% chance of obtaining an exotic when using four rare weapons.
    • Using four exotic weapons will always return an exotic.
  • Tossing in four of the same type of weapon will result in the same type of weapon.
    • Tossing in a mixture of weapons will result in a random weapon in return (i.e. 3 swords + 1 staff = 1 random weapon)
  • Using this method has a very low chance of receiving a precursor weapon.
  • You cannot receive the weapons that require special Mystic Forge recipes.

Trading Post[edit]

Exotic weapons can be purchased off the Trading Post


There are many vendors that can sell Exotic weapons.

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