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Exotic equipment are items of FExotic rarity. Equipment of this rarity are most commonly found between level 62 and 80.

Level 79 and below exotic equipment offer the highest attribute bonuses for their level, while level 80 exotic equips offer the second highest (with Ascended and Legendary equipment offering the highest).



Upgrade slot[edit]

All exotics contain an upgrade slot: one slot for armor, one-handed weapons and trinkets; two slots for two-handed weapons.

These upgrade slots can be upgraded with universal upgrade, runes (for armor) or sigils (for weapons).

Infusion slot[edit]

Certain exotics contain an infusion slot, which are used to contain infusions. The only exotic items that contain infusion slots are Crafter's backpacks and Feedback Loop.


Most exotic equipment are Soulbound on use, i.e. you cannot move the equipment from one character to another or sell it on the Trading Post. They can still be placed in the bank, however they cannot be retrieved except by the character it is bound to.

There are very few Account Bound equips (such as the Crafter's backpacks), which can be shared between all characters on your account. Some exotics are Account Bound on acquire (such as Delusion).

All exotic Specialization equipment and second-generation Precursor weapons are account bound. In addition, Mordant weapons and Machined weapons are example of craftable account bound exotic weapons. Ornate Guild armor are examples of account bound craftable exotic armor pieces.


Most exotic equipment can be salvaged by using a Master's Salvage Kit or lower. Salvaging an exotic item can yield crafting materials, Essences of Luck, Globs of Ectoplasm, Globs of Dark Matter.

Salvaging an exotic armor or weapon with a non-craftable prefix has a chance to produce an inscription or insignia for that prefix. (e.g. Magi)

Certain exotic equipment cannot be salvaged, such as those bought from karma merchants or given as a reward from completing certain personal story chapters.