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Disambig icon.png This article is about legendary trinkets. For the achievement category, see Legendary Trinkets.

Legendary trinkets are sets of trinkets of Legendary rarity.

List of legendary trinkets[edit]

Name Type Acquisition Related achievements
Aurora.png Aurora Accessory Living World Season 3 Legendary Trinkets.png Aurora: Awakening, Aurora II: Empowering and subcollections
Gift of Prescience.png Coalescence Ring Path of Fire Raids Legendary Trinkets.png Coalescence I: Unbridled, Coalescence II: The Gift and Coalescence III: Culmination
Vision.png Vision Accessory Living World Season 4 Legendary Trinkets.png Vision I: Awakening, Vision II: Farsight and subcollections
Transcendence.png Transcendence Amulet Player versus Player PvP Conqueror.png Emblem of Tournament Victory and Emblem of Victory
Conflux.png Conflux Ring World versus World World vs World.png Emblem of the Avenger and Emblem of the Conqueror
Prismatic Champion's Inheritance.png Prismatic Champion's Regalia Amulet Living World Current Events.png Seasons of the Dragons (upcoming)

Visual effects[edit]

The 3 currently released PvE legendary trinkets share the same visual effect. If multiple PvE legendary trinkets are equipped simultaneously, their effects combine.

One legendary PvE trinket equipped[edit]

  • With weapons stowed, an ethereal purple aura will appear around the player.
  • With weapons drawn, four light pink and tan celestial orbs will orbit the player's head.

Two legendary PvE trinkets equipped[edit]

  • With weapons drawn, four clusters of purple bubbles will orbit the player's head instead of the orbs. The larger bubbles will divide and merge back together as they traverse their orbit.

Three legendary PvE trinkets equipped[edit]

  • With weapons drawn, a black blob will hover inside a white sphere above the player's head. The four orbs orbiting around turn pure white, with small beams connecting them to the central blob.

Competitive legendary trinkets equipped[edit]

  • Neither Transcendence nor Conflux stack with other trinkets, each displays their own visual effects regardless of how many trinkets, PvE and/or Competitive, the player has equipped.


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