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Disco Dancing Delver

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Disco Dancing Delver is a hidden achievement in the Tangled Depths (achievements) category that involves finding Zinn's cave and dancing there.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Disco Dancing Delver Tangled Depths 5Achievement points
Dance in the secret disco cave.You got your groove on in the disco cave! Secret Disco Cave Activated 5Achievement points


Route to the secret lab from Dragon's Passage Waypoint.
  1. Head north from the
    Waypoint (tango icon).png
     Dragon's Passage Waypoint, and either use the ramps and mushrooms, or use a springer, to reach the entrance to the water. Follow the underwater passageway east.
  2. Reach the underground crystal grotto beneath Ogre Camp via the waterways at the maps lowest level.
  3. Use the crystal formations on the northwestern side of the grotto to climb up and head southeast (along the Ogre Lane branch of the tunnels).
    • Stick to the north side of the tunnel and use some gliding to make this a little faster.
  4. Climb up the tree roots in the above water cave (it's really tricky so take your time).
  5. Once at the top, talk to L.O.X. and select option 3, "I'm the Zinnsational Zinn. Open this door immediately!".
    • Picking any other option will knock you back.
  6. Once inside, stand in the beam of light under the disco ball and use `/dance` to get the achievement.


  • It is possible to create a portal between the disco room and the Ogre Camp.
  • Tips for jumping:
    • On a Charr, it is useful to draw your weapons so your character stands more upright and you can see your feet.
    • On ANY character, use armor, or an outfit, that does not have a skirt so you can see your character's feet (alternatively, take your pants off).
    • Equipment skins such as Cobalt, Fiery Dragon Sword, or the Fires of Balthazar backpack also help as they cast light on the surrounding area (visible only to the user).
    • Being able to see where your feet are will help tremendously for players that are slipping and falling on jumping puzzles a lot.
    • Mounting the Springer, Skimmer, Griffon, or Skyscale mounts helps immensely.
    • Gliding can be a lifesaver, and helps reducing the need for backtracking.