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Decorations are cosmetic items which can be purchased or crafted, and placed in guild halls and its arena. Each can be placed, rotated, and removed to reposition the item. Many decorations have collision, allowing players to stack decorations and climb on top of each. Arena decorations cause combat effects, such as knockback or damage, to players.


List of decorations[edit]


Decorations for personalizing your guild hall.


Obstacles to customize your guild hall arena. Items in the Arena category can only be used as obstacles in the owning guild's arena. Spend items by talking to the Obstacle Coordinator in the arena.


Guild panel > Guild storage > Decorations

When decorations are crafted or purchased, each is immediately placed into the guild storage tab of the guild panel. Guild permissions are required to place, remove, or use decorations as a scribe:

  • Decorator — Players can place, move, and remove decorations in the guild hall.
  • Arena Decorator — Players can place, move, and remove decorations in the arena.
  • Remove All Decorations — Players can remove all decorations from the guild hall and return them to guild storage.


  • Players are restricted to placing decorations according to the current guild's permission
  • Each decoration can be selected through the Select Decoration skill if available
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Place.png Place 0.5½ 0.5½ No skill description found.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngPlace.png Cannot Place 0.5½ No skill description found.
2 Erase Single Decoration.png Erase Single Decoration 0.25¼ 0.5½ No skill description found.
3 Erase Small Area.png Erase Small Area 0.25¼ 0.5½ No skill description found.
4 Erase Area.png Erase Area 0.25¼ 0.5½ No skill description found.
5 Erase Large Area.png Erase Large Area 0.25¼ 0.5½ No skill description found.
6 Select Decoration.png Select Decoration ...
0 Return.png Stop Decorating ...


  • Basic decorations cost 50 Silver coin each to purchase in guild hall, but the price is lowered to 24 Silver coin when upgrading the guild trader.
  • Holding left click while placing down a decoration allows you to rotate it.
  • Purchased decorations are deposited directly into guild storage.
  • Decorations can be removed after being placed and will return to the guild's storage
  • There is a maximum limit of 2000[1] placed decorations per Guild Hall
  • There is no limit per decoration in the Storage UI