Albert the Butler

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Albert the Butler is a servant of Minister Caudecus. He can be found in Caudecus's Manor and, after the raid of the manor, in Lakeside Bazaar.



Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Portrait of Caudecus.png Portrait of Caudecus Trophy Basic 25 Gold coin
Streets of Divinity's Reach.png Streets of Divinity's Reach Trophy Basic 25 Gold coin
The Heart of the Priory.png The Heart of the Priory Trophy Basic 25 Gold coin
Portrait of Logan Thackeray.png Portrait of Logan Thackeray Trophy Basic 25 Gold coin
A Day in Kryta.png A Day in Kryta Trophy Basic 25 Gold coin
Fancy Urn.png Fancy Urn Trophy Basic 25 Gold coin
Plush Rug.png Plush Rug Trophy Basic 50 Gold coin
Chandelier.png Chandelier Trophy Basic 50 Gold coin
Lynx Statue.png Lynx Statue Trophy Basic 100 Gold coin
Mounted Dolyak Head.png Mounted Dolyak Head Trophy Basic 100 Gold coin
Beetletun Statue Fragments.png Beetletun Statue Fragments Trophy Basic 150 Gold coin


In Lakeside Bazaar once you've completed Confessor's End
I managed to secure some of Minister Caudecus's things before the looters got to them. I could part with some of the take...if you're willing to compensate me for my effort, that is.
Talk merchant tango.png Let's see what you have.
Talk end option tango.png No thanks.
In Lakeside Bazaar if you have not completed Confessor's End
I'm not sure how you got in here, but you're trespassing.
Talk end option tango.png I'll just be on my way.


Welcome to Beetlestone manor. The celebration is in the central court.
An open mind is best.
May Kormir enlighten you.


Players that have replayed the story may not be able to purchase items from him nor may they enter conventionally by interacting with the door.