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You are intruding upon one of nature's purest gardens.


Nettleblaze is a druid encountered in Draconis Mons. He guides the Pact Commander in the pursuit of Balthazar.


Early years[edit]

Nettleblaze was one of the druids, a group of human worshipers of the goddess Melandru, who eventually transcended their mortal bodies in a ritual and became guardians of nature. He and his brethren were drawn to a submerged sanctum of nature which eventually became known as the hollowed volcano of Draconis Mons as they built one of Melandru's first gardens there.[1][2][3]

After finding his way into the sanctum in 1173 AE, the ambitious asura Zinn and other survivors from Rata Novus founded a new colony named Rata Arcanum there and captured some of the druids for their terraforming experiments. The remaining druids tried to make the colonists leave, but Zinn ignored their pleas and told them to leave. Angered, the druids returned with more of their kind in 1175 AE and killed the colonists in retaliation for their crimes against nature.[4]

Living World Season 3[edit]

In 1330 AE, a small army consisting of White Mantle and mercenaries invaded the island in their hunt for the Elder Dragon Primordus who had moved to the core of the active volcano of Titan's Throat. The druids were unable to stop the army's advance and eventually discovered that the invaders were led by the god Balthazar whose presence was upsetting the natural balance.

When the Pact Commander and an expeditionary Vigil force arrived on the hollow volcano in their pursuit of Balthazar, Nettleblaze noticed Scientist Viraddi being snatched by vines and used a disembodied voice to guide the Commander to where the vines had taken the unlucky scientist. After the Commander had found Viraddi, Nettleblaze revealed himself as the source of the mysterious voice. The druid first told the Commander's people to leave, but decided to reveal that Balthazar had moved to the apex of the volcano when he learned that the Commander's goal was to make the rogue god leave as well.

Nettleblaze met with the Commander at the apex of Titan's Throat, only to inform them that they were too late: Balthazar had already entered the Primal Kiln, and a being of flesh like the Commander would be unable to follow the god into the flames. Wanting all the trespassers to leave and realizing that the Commander was still serious about stopping Balthazar, Nettleblaze told the Commander to free four ancient druid spirits who remained trapped in Zinn's vaults. He promised to let the wind carry his message to the ancients in advance so they would each bless the Commander with enough heat resistance for a safe trip into the volcano after they had been freed.

Nettleblaze eventually learned that the Commander had successfully freed the ancient druids and driven Balthazar from the volcano while the Vigil had dealt with the remaining mercenaries. Upon emerging from the volcano, the Commander was greeted by the disembodied voice of a druid thanking the Commander for their help and uttering solemn words of farewell.[5]

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]


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