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Virtue of Justice.png
 Virtue of Justice
Virtue of Courage.png
 Virtue of Courage
Virtue of Resolve.png
 Virtue of Resolve

Weapon Skills

Two Handed

Hammer Swing (guardian skill).png
 Hammer Swing
 Hammer Bash
Symbol of Protection.png
 Symbol of Protection
Mighty Blow.png
 Mighty Blow
Purge Conditions.png
 Purge Conditions
Ring of Warding.png
 Ring of Warding

Vengeful Strike.png
 Vengeful Strike
Wrathful Strike.png
 Wrathful Strike
Whirling Wrath.png
 Whirling Wrath
Symbol of Wrath.png
 Symbol of Wrath
Leap of Faith.png
 Leap of Faith
Binding Blade.png
 Binding Blade

Wave of Wrath.png
 Wave of Wrath
Holy Strike.png
 Holy Strike
Detonate Orb of Light.png
 Detonate Orb of Light
Symbol of Swiftness.png
 Symbol of Swiftness
Line of Warding.png
 Line of Warding
"Save Yourselves!".png
 "Save Yourselves!"

Main Hand

True Strike.png
 True Strike
Pure Strike.png
 Pure Strike
Faithful Strike.png
 Faithful Strike
Symbol of Faith.png
 Symbol of Faith
Protector's Strike.png
 Protector's Strike

Orb of Wrath.png
 Orb of Wrath
Symbol of Punishment.png
 Symbol of Punishment
Chains of Light.png
 Chains of Light

Sword of Wrath.png
 Sword of Wrath
Symbol of Blades.png
 Symbol of Blades
Zealot's Defense.png
 Zealot's Defense

Off Hand

Ray of Judgment.png
 Ray of Judgment
Shield of Wrath.png
 Shield of Wrath

Shield of Judgment.png
 Shield of Judgment
Shield of Absorption.png
 Shield of Absorption

Cleansing Flame.png
 Cleansing Flame
Zealot's Flame.png
 Zealot's Flame
Zealot's Fire.png
 Zealot's Fire


Spear of Light.png
 Spear of Light
Zealot's Flurry.png
 Zealot's Flurry
Symbol of Spears.png
 Symbol of Spears
Wrathful Grasp.png
 Wrathful Grasp
Light Ball.png
 Light Ball
Weight of Justice.png
 Weight of Justice
Symbol of Light.png
 Symbol of Light

Slot Skills

Cold Wind.png
 Healing Breeze
Signet of Resolve.png
 Signet of Resolve

Hallowed Ground.png
 Hallowed Ground
Wall of Reflection.png
 Wall of Reflection
Contemplation of Purity.png
 Contemplation of Purity
Judge's Intervention.png
 Judge's Intervention
Merciful Intervention.png
 Merciful Intervention
Smite Condition.png
 Smite Condition
"Hold the Line!".png
 "Hold the Line!"
"Stand Your Ground!".png
 "Stand Your Ground!"
Bane Signet.png
 Bane Signet
Signet of Judgment.png
 Signet of Judgment
Signet of Mercy.png
 Signet of Mercy
Signet of Wrath.png
 Signet of Wrath
Bow of Truth.png
 Bow of Truth
Command (bow).png
Hammer of Wisdom.png
 Hammer of Wisdom
Command (hammer).png
Shield of the Avenger.png
 Shield of the Avenger
Command (shield).png
Sword of Justice.png
 Sword of Justice
Command (sword).png
Renewed Focus.png
 Renewed Focus
Tome of Courage.png
 Tome of Courage
Tome of Wrath.png
 Tome of Wrath
Wave of Light.png
 Wave of Light
Symbol of Judgment.png
 Symbol of Judgment
Reveal the Depths.png
 Reveal the Depths
Renewing Current.png
 Renewing Current