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To Do[edit]

  • Go through warbands and mark for deletion insignificant ones that have 3 members or less. Mark any questionable ones here too.
Exception list
  • Mane Warband - Personal Story Involvement
  • Soul Warband - Vigil Founder


  • Last Warband looked at: Zeal!
  • Started with 73 warbands
    • First pass: 56 warbands
    • Second (final?) pass: ?
  • Ended with 36 warbands
Bane Warband
Breaker Warband
Burn Warband
Clash Warband
Cruel Warband
Dark Warband
Dawn Warband
Dusk Warband
Faith Warband
Far Warband
Grind Warband
Haunt Warband
Keen Warband
Lash Warband
Mane Warband
Net Warband
Night Warband
Pick Warband
Player's Warband
Razor warband
Rouse Warband
Rust Warband
Scale Warband
Scorch Warband
Shatter Warband
Shot Warband
Soul Warband
Specter Warband
Steel Warband
Steel Warband (Iron Legion)
Stone Warband
Stone Warband (Ash Legion)
The Fireshadows
Timber Warband
Truth Warband
War Warband

Warband Comments[edit]

Feel free to continue, but do leave the Soul Warband alone as it is lore related(the founding of the Vigil) ~ Doodle.
Will do. Thanks for the heads up! --Rain Spell (talk)

Unsure Orphans[edit]

List for orphan pages that I'm not sure how they should be integrated. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Achievement effects. WIP[edit]

  • Eligibility: Evasive Maneuver Achievement
  • Eligibility: Fast Siege Achievement
  • Eligibility: Mildly Insane Achievement
  • Eligibility: Mine Control Achievement
  • Qualify for Totems of the Itzel
  • Qualify for Untethered
  • Qualify for Who Needs Friends
  • Qualify for the Floor Is Lava
  • Sheltered from the Rain
  • Shoddy Sleuth
  • Super Sleuth
  • Timely Arrival
  • Vigilant (effect)
Solved by adding the effect = parameter to the {{achievement table row}} template. DJemba (talk) 09:03, 22 June 2020 (UTC)

Chuka and Champawat I: Hunter's Journal?[edit]

  • Tiger Tracks Leading to Wayfarer Foothills

Article Copies[edit]

These are a (growing) list of articles copied word for word from releases and bulletins. Should a publications page be made eventually? Let's see how many we end up with first I think.

  • Combat Changes: DoTs and Dashes
  • Tyrian Travels: Chapter Five
  • Tyrian Travels: Chapter Six
  • Your Vote Decides the Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Teams!

Disambiguation pages[edit]

I believe it's considered bad form to link to disambiguation pages, but there aren't all that many that are orphans, so I wonder what does link? Bolded items are 2 items that just need to be linked with a disambig line. I think I'll just put "See also" sections on the equipment pages.

  • Char
  • Chest of the Hunt (linked together, don't know what to do with the disambig - Djemba)
  • Citadel
  • Coil
  • Commando's Breather
  • Crusader's Sword
  • DM <-Should probably delete
  • Swiftness (disambiguation)
  • Thaumanova
  • Torch (disambiguation) (done - Djemba)
  • Triskellian Breather
  • Trooper's Breather
  • Witch's Hat (outfit) (Witch's Hat)
  • Wraith
  • Wvw rank
  • Zinka (fixed-Doodle)
  • Zodiac (disambig link to Zodiac Armor and Zodiac Weapons? Weapon primary.)

Game Updates[edit]

Alas, I don't think there really is anything to be done for these. We don't really refer people to patch notes through the pages. They're just there and relevant to players for a couple weeks, and to editors for a reference now and then.

Game updates/April 2015 Game updates/April 2016 Game updates/April 2017 Game updates/August 2014 Game updates/August 2015 Game updates/August 2016 Game updates/December 2012 Game updates/December 2013 Game updates/December 2014 Game updates/December 2015 Game updates/December 2016 Game updates/February 2015 Game updates/February 2016 Game updates/February 2017 Game updates/January 2015 Game updates/January 2016 Game updates/January 2017 Game updates/July 2014 Game updates/July 2015 Game updates/July 2016 Game updates/June 2016 Game updates/March 2014 Game updates/March 2015 Game updates/March 2017 Game updates/May 2015 Game updates/May 2016 Game updates/November 2012 Game updates/November 2014 Game updates/November 2015 Game updates/November 2016 Game updates/October 2014 Game updates/October 2015 Game updates/October 2016 Game updates/September 2012 Game updates/September 2014 Game updates/September 2015 Game updates/September 2016

Orphan Comments[edit]

  • If you find a historical orphaned NPC, see if they have a shared model. Either they'll go with their buddies or they'll be notated as a unique model here. - Doodle
  • Burning (effect) I think is related to the Volcanic Fractal based on who made it an when. - Doodle
  • I'm thinking it might be from the cultist hammer. Going to check both and see what I can find.--Rain Spell (talk)
  • x-nay on the ammer-ay. I could have sworn those conditions weren't removeable at some point.--Rain Spell (talk)
I do recall the grawl boss as having a nasty fire/agony attack, but either he doesn't have it anymore or it was changed to be removeable. (tested today)--Rain Spell (talk) 03:01, 7 September 2017 (UTC)