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Really rough at the moment, but this is an attempt to get every vaguely important NPC who has died in either canon or semi-canon. This assumes that somehow all of the story paths run at the same time; the hero just happened to be doing the other one or something... or there's more than one hero DUN DUN DUN. :3

Obviously tons and tons of spoilers!




Crime and Punishment[edit]

  • All of Street Rat Hero's former gang, now led by Two-Blade Pete will be defeated, arrested, freed, and killed off by the hero and Logan, or by infighting in the gang
    • Two-Blade Pete, killed by the hero
    • Doc Howler, killed by the hero
    • Quinn, the Street Rat Hero's friend, will die offscreen if the hero chose The Greater Good. According to Doc Howler, Two-Blade Pete carved him up like a Wintersday Roast. Half of him was found in the fountain, half of him was found in the lake.
    • Incidently, Riot Alice is the only survivor, who got out of the gang thanks to Street Rat Hero's advice.
  • Minister Julius Zamon defends himself in court when accused of treason by invoking his right to trial by combat according to ancient Krytan law against Noble Hero; on his death and defeat, incidently, Zamon is also found guilty of the charges.

Family Reunion[edit]

Dead Sister[edit]

  • Captain Tervelan, who sold out the Falcon Company with the hero's sister in it to the centaurs, can be killed by the hero post-cutscene if sufficiently barbaric.

Storming the Castle[edit]





Waking from the Nightmare[edit]

Shield of the Moon[edit]

  • Renvari, a Nightmare Court member who you tricked into revealing the location of Ysvelta with the 'death' of Caithe, dies at the hands of the Valiant hero, Tiachren and Caithe.
  • Ysvelta, whom you located with Tiachren earlier, is beyond saving as she has completely fallen to Nightmare. She is killed by the Valiant hero in two possible locations.
    • If the hero chose to go with Caithe to defend Astorea, then Tiachren will have fallen to Nightmare due to his love and loyalty for Ysvelta, forcing you to kill him as well.

A Season of Growth[edit]

Act With Wisdom[edit]

All things have a right to grow[edit]

Where Life Goes[edit]

Branching Out[edit]

  • If the hero chose to face Waine, former squire to Firstborn Riannoc in the tournament to retrieve the sword Caladbolg, he will be killed by the Valiant hero in self defense in the tournament ring after he refuses to stop fighting and return the sword.


(skip ahead)

A Friend In Deed[edit]


  • The male skritt, Kittaka, is already dead when you arrive. He is the significant other of Tchkik.
  • Btorr, Tchkik, Yiktuk and many other skritt die defending their home from the Destroyer Queen and its minions. The survivors and their leader, Ftokchak, relocate and pledge their aid to the hero and thus to the Pact.

The Battle of Claw Island[edit]

THE PACT[edit]

The Cost of Victory[edit]

  • The asura Tonn will die when charges he set failed to explode and he went back to do it manually. The hero has to inform his wife Ceera about this later. Understandably, she is not very happy about this.
  • The norn Apatia, first met in Retribution, is kidnapped by the risen krait, but unfortunately for the hero who went to rescue her, it is too late and she has already been tortured, killed, corrupted, and turned into one of the Risen. The hero finds her in a cage, and although she is not aggressive, she cannot be left like this and is euthanized by the hero.

Savior of Tyria[edit]

  • Explorer Hekja, norn of the Durmand Priory, is corrupted into the risen by Lord Kitah when she led a reconnaissance team in Estate of Decay. The hero, leading the rest of the group when her team is late, encounters her several times and finally her corrupted form. The group will have no choice but to battle and kill her.

Vigil's Plan[edit]

  • The sylvari Tegwen dies signalling the Ghostfire to attack at her position as the timer mechanism is broken. The risen and herself are burnt up by the extremely flammable ghostfire.
  • The human Tactician Beirne dies defending Crusader Deborah. His dog, Allie, is adopted by her.

Against the Corruption[edit]

  • The norn shaman Havroun Grechen of Bear falls in battle defending the line and is reanimated as one of the risen. The hero must put her corpse to rest.