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Tiachren is a sylvari and is part of the quest for sylvari players who chose the Shield of the Moon personal storyline. He is the beloved of Ysvelta, who gave him the Shield of the Moon as a wedding gift and show of their love. The two were attacked by the Nightmare Court, with them poisoning Tiachren and leaving him for dead while capturing Ysvelta. Upon his recovery, he asks for the player's assistance to save Ysvelta from the Nightmare Court, though Caithe warns it may already be too late.

Tiachren and the player are able to track down Ysvelta, but as Caithe warned, she has already been corrupted by the Nightmare Court and going to lead an attack on the Village of Astorea, leaving the player to decide either save the village or Ysvelta. If the player chooses to save the village, Ysvelta will turn Tiachren into a Courtier, whose shield becomes twisted to reflect his new state, and both assault the village together. Choosing to save Ysvelta will also result in Ysvelta's death, and a brokenhearted Tiachren, who is then comforted by The Pale Tree saying Ysvelta's spirit will live on in the Dream, and that his story will be told, as a reminder love is good even if others try to make it not so.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png only during Beneath a Cold Moon

  • Savage Leap
  • Sever Artery
  • Gash
  • Shield of Absorption
Stolen skills



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