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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.

Charr tanks, human escort, and a sylvari scout team. It doesn't get any better than this.

Tactician Beirne

Corporal Sam Beirne is a member of the Seraph who has a pet coyote named Allie. Inspired to fight against the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, he later joins the Vigil and the Pact in the assault on Orr.


Sam Beirne acquired his dog, Allie, in 1317 AE, and the pair became inseparable. With his family long gone and his friends coming and going, he relied on his canine companion but maintained a positive outlook. After joining the Seraph, he was eventually promoted to the rank of corporal.

When the centaurs attacked the Village of Shaemoor in 1325 AE, Corporal Beirne was in charge of getting the villagers to safety. During the attack he met a heroic citizen and instructed them to seek out Sergeant Walters. The attack was eventually repelled, and the citizen Beirne had conversed with became known as the Hero of Shaemoor.

By the time Beirne heard about the Pact's plan to take down the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, he figured that the assault force needed him more than Divinity's Reach did. Once the Pact agreed to let him bring Allie with him to Orr, he signed up and became a member of the Vigil, and was eventually promoted to the rank of Tactician.

The Pact breached Orr, and Tactician Beirne fought alongside various races in the assault force while coming to terms with collaborating with the charr against a mutual enemy. During this time he met and befriended Deborah who hailed from Divinity's Reach. The pair grew close during the campaign and fought under the Pact Commander with Beirne being praised for his skills.

While escorting Ballista Geargrind's heavy tanks into the heart of Orr alongside Pale Reavers and other Pact forces, Beirne met with Priestess Amelia and was happy to hear that the priestess also hailed from Divinity's Reach. The company came under assault by Risen led by Archmage Harshaf, however, and Beirne sacrificed himself to save Deborah's life. Beirne's death weighed heavily on both Allie and Deborah with the former being adopted by the latter. They would honor his memory by carrying on the fight.

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Sometimes the cinematic will show him without a pistol but still using pistol firing animations.
Beirne can be revived with reviving skills, with no effect on the other NPCs, and having similar chat options as before dead.