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Minor races are humanoid-like NPCs that are Non-Playable and not corrupted slaves of the Elder Dragons. Many, but not all of these, can talk, use tools or weapons. Minor races do not include animal-like NPCs or the various minor Human-cultures. Each of the Playable races has a Racial sympathy for one of the Non-Payable races. Non-Payable races may appear in PvE, WvW, parts of both the Personal story and Living Story.

The usage of the term Race in Tyria is what might be more accurately called Species in the the system of taxonomic classification recently developed by scholars of the Durmand Priory. The controversial assignment of a particular species or Minor race into a particular Genus (class of things that have common characteristics and that can be divided into subordinate kinds) is based upon observation of the similarity of certain physical and cultural characteristics. It must be noted that one significant dissenting minority led by the Asuran Priory scholar Darr Wyn, proposes that more a more fundamental system of taxonomic classification, which is not presented here, be based upon a yet undefined "origin of species".

Genus Aquaticus[edit]

Species able to live Underwater that are also more comfortable living near large bodies of water.


Most greater races are ready to assist the friendly hylek tribe. The charr refuse to do so due to the charr society's past enslavement by the Flame Legion and their false beliefs and gods; the hylek are fiercely religious people. The hostility of the hylek tribe tends to be based on the colour of their skin: hot colours, like red and orange, are hostile, while cool colours, like blue and green, are friendly. Yellow hylek are sometimes friendly and sometimes hostile. There is also a tribe of hylek in the Far Silverwastes who claim to have come from the west and don't worship the Sun God, although very little else is known about them.


Originally from the Unending Ocean, the krait rival even the charr for viciousness and cruel ingenuity. These intelligent creatures are vicious and xenophobic, attacking and enslaving all other species on sight.


A mysterious race of aquatic assassins. They are known as killers who appear from nowhere, preferring not to interact with other races.


Quaggans are peaceful creatures, and their unwillingness to fight makes all but norn and charr willing to assist them. While quaggans also live in the Shiverpeak Mountains, the charr are specifically stated to not have dealings with quaggans due to Ascalon being an inland region.

Genus Avian[edit]

Species able to fly or that are feathered, but non-flying.


Harpies are a race of winged female raiders that can be found in Ascalon and Kryta. They once thrived in Istan, Vabbi, and Dzalana within Elona 250 years ago, but have since spread north for unknown reasons. Elonian legends say that the harpies are the descendants of fallen servants of Dwayna. Harpy nests tend to have at least one Matriarch, although there can be several in one area.


Elder race of floating, spellcasting creatures who went to near extinction a couple centuries ago. They can hide themselves from those who do not have the gift of True Sight.


The Tengu are a race of avian humanoids that make their home in the Dominion of Winds, along the Tarnished Coast. They are extremely wary of the races of Tyria, and do not allow outsiders into their city. A few tengu have set up trading posts outside their walls, in order to trade with and observe the other races. They currently remain neutral in all conflicts, although one, Izu Steelshrike, joined the Pact as a blacksmith.

Genus Equine[edit]

Species with horse-like characteristics.


In days gone by, the Centaurs were spread across Tyria, but with the unification of the tribes they are now mainly found in Kryta (it is suggested that they stage their attacks from the Woodland Cascades). They were also a prominent race in Elona, but with the rise of Palawa Joko, it is not known how the Elonian Losaru and Veldrunner centaurs have fared.


Tamini are one of the centaur tribes who have been overpowered by the Modniir and urged to attack humans. They have been described as the lightly armored scouts found around the edges of the centaur army. They're often used as foot soldiers in the centaur army, fighting in the front lines. Tamini are distinguished among other centaur tribes by goat-like facial features and horns, and a spotted brown and white body. In the past, the Tamini were nomads before being united by the Modniir.


In the Maguuma Wastes, there is an unnamed tribe of centaurs that are peaceful, and have a philosophy similar to Ventari, although they claim to be unrelated to him. They are currently concentrated in Dry Top; while there was a branch in The Silverwastes, the actions of Caithe and Faolain wiped them all out.

Genus Gigantus[edit]

Species of large stature characterized by limited intelligence and prone to violent behavior.


Ettins are large, brutal humpbacked creatures which can be found in Kryta. They have two heads who often have their own personality and name, though despite this they are fairly dumb. They are known for their powerful but slow attacks and an overhead smash which knocks down those in the area.


Giants are humanoid beings with prodigious size and strength. Few are ever seen, and there are not many left alive in this section of the world.

Great Giant[edit]

Extinct race of true giants, believed to been wiped out by the Elder Dragons. Their colossal skeletons litter the Crystal Desert.


jotun are a race of lesser giants who thrive in the Shiverpeak Mountains. They were once a powerful and magical people, knowledgeable both in sorcery and natural philosophy. Once a grand race, they now survive as savages in the citadels of their ancestors.


Ogres are towering hunters, allowing the norn to easily relate to them. The ogre people have only been encountered in eastern Ascalon, and thus they make for sensible allies for the neighbouring charr. Ogres are generally friendly, although the ones in Plains of Ashford and Fields of Ruin are actively hostile to outsiders.


Trolls are large, tusked, brutish humanoids in Tyria. They can be found in Ascalon, Kryta, Maguuma Jungle and the Shiverpeak Mountains.

Genus Subterranean[edit]

Species comfortable living below ground and in or near caves.


Formerly enslaved by the Stone Summit, the now-xenophobic dredge have taken control of many former dwarven territory and are now strip-mining the Shiverpeak Mountains.


Elder race who once dominated the Shiverpeak Mountains, now transformed into creatures of stone to fight the destroyers. To find a dwarf anywhere above ground is a rare occurrence.


Grawl dwell in the the Shiverpeak Mountains and Ascalon. Humans seem to dislike the grawl due to their relations and past alliances with the charr, while sylvari are simply too new a race to have developed any formal contact with the distant grawl tribes.


Skritt are one of the most advanced Minor races and can be found throughout Tyria. Skrittsburgh Center in Brisban Wildlands is a center of Skritt culture and home of the Skritt King.

Asura detest skritt and would refuse to genuinely aid them. The norn are not willing to help the skritt either; the reasoning for this could perhaps be their huge difference in size or other cultural differences. Wild skritt can be either hostile or friendly, depending on the area; most skritt that live in a community will be friendly, but there are exceptions like the ones in Dry Top.

Genus Ursus[edit]

Species having characteristics similar to bears.


A race of spiritual, polar bear-like people whose sailed iceberg cities have been scattered southwards from the arctic seas by Jormag.

Personal Story[edit]

Several Minor races are prominently featured in various chapters of the Personal story. For example, in the Minister's Defense, you must choose between three of the most advanced Minor races: Skritt, Quaggan and Hylek.

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