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Blood Legion Fahrar

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Blood Legion Fahrar

Point of Interest
Upper Blood Keep
(Grothmar Valley)
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Blood Legion Fahrar is the fahrar within Blood Keep, featuring a classroom, dormitory, and a training area. Primus Sparbreaker has been responsible for raising Blood Legion cubs here for several generations. As a show of goodwill during the All-Legion Rally, Flame Legion cubs have also been brought to the Blood fahrar to be trained... and, unfortunately, bullied.[1]

One of the bunks in the dorm has a quaggan plushie on it. This may be the toy gifted to a mixed-Legion cub by their Ash father.[2] Though charr ostensibly wash their hands of their cubs after handing them off to the fahrar, it's not uncommon for parents to secretly visit—something the experienced Sparbreaker can attest to.[3]


  1. ^ Revels & Rivals:
    Efram Greetsglory: Ruinbringer demanded our cubs as proof of goodwill. Most have already been training at the Blood Legion fahrar but—
    Prisca: I'm not going back there! Everyone hates me. Especially the other girls.
    Efram Greetsglory: I expected some resistance from other legions, even with Bangar's support. But I underestimated the cruelty of children.
  2. ^ An Eye for Detail: Marjory Delaqua: For one of the cubs at the fahrar. Blood mother, Ash father. Someone wants his little one to know he hasn't forgotten them...
  3. ^ Deeper and Deeper: Primus Sparbreaker: Thought they might be parents looking in. Wondering. Happens more than anyone admits.