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Whispers Agent (People Watching)

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Whispers Agent


People Watching (Whispers map).jpg

Location in Rata Arcanum

Sauratt was assigned to infiltrate the Inquest presence at Rata Arcanum. Unfortunately, his spy golem has been discovered and he was nearly exposed.


Ring of Fire


If you haven't spoken to Mark I Golemite
The bush doesn't respond.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
After speaking to Mark I Golemite
If Order of Whispers:
<Character name>: Know what cannot be known.
Whispers Agent: To see what cannot be seen. Commander, my name is Sauratt.
<Character name>: Hello? Ummm... Purple quaggan?
Whispers Agent: Commander, my name is...classified.
Whispers Agent: I'm an agent of the Order of Whispers undercover in the Inquest, but I can't complete my mission.
Whispers Agent: Since discovering my golem, they suspect me and watch me like a hawk. I have to maintain my facade.
Whispers Agent: But YOU could do it. All that's required is to place recorders around to gather data on this Inquest krewe.
Whispers Agent: The order's concerned about the Inquest's intentions in this cavern.
<Character name>: What are the Inquest doing here?
Whispers Agent: Balthazar brought them here. But they forgot all about him once the discovered Zinn's Rata Arcanum.
Whispers Agent: Now they're obsessed with excavating all Zinn's tech and knowledge, not to mention finding his corpse if it's here.
Whispers Agent: Here, take the recorders and map of the best locations. Go now. Quickly. You never saw me.
After receiving the recorders
The bush doesn't respond.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Related achievements[edit]


  • You do not actually receive any inventory items from the Whispers Agent. The map and recorders are assumed to be on your person for the duration of the People Watching achievement.