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Mark I Golemite (People Watching)

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Mark I Golemite


People Watching (Golem map).jpg

Location in Rata Arcanum

The Mark I Golemite is a small golem built by the Order of Whispers in order to infiltrate the Inquest. It has been captured, and its true nature is near to being exposed. It needs you to complete its mission.


Ring of Fire


Mysterious Stranger: Pacts—commander—identified. Commander. Pssht. A—word, please.
Mysterious Stranger: I—am—a—Whispers—golem—incognito. I—have—a—message—for—you. Stealth—appreciased.
<Character name>: What is it? Who's it from?
Mysterious Stranger: The—Inquess—are—onto—me—and—my—contact. They—be—digging—inso—my—programmings.
(if Order of Whispers)
Mysterious Stranger: You—muss—locate—my—contact—outsides—the—Inquess—base. He—needs—your—help.
Mysterious Stranger: You—muss—locate—my—contact—outsides—the—Inquess—base. Give—him—the—password—"purple—quaggan."
Mysterious Stranger: Iss—a—matter—of—life—and—deaths.
Mysterious Stranger: This—message—will—self-destructs—in...
Mysterious Stranger: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Related achievements[edit]


Referred to as "Mysterious Stranger" in the chat log.