Pact Victory Token

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Pact Victory Token

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Account Bound
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Quartermaster Hargrove offers good service rewards in exchange for this symbol of victory.

— In-game description

Pact Victory Tokens are tokens that can be used to purchase Pact weapons from Quartermaster Hargrove in the Caer Aval instance area in the southwest of Fort Trinity.


  • Historically, characters who completed Victory or Death would receive a Pact Victory Token as a reward.


  • This item was introduced in the 22 October 2012 update. Players who completed the dungeon prior to the update received this item automatically via a mail message from Trahearne.
  • This item appears to have been removed in the November 2014 timeframe. Instead, characters completing Victory or Death now receive a Pact Weapon Container.
  • The token can still be used during the final instance of the personal story, even if it was obtained by another character.