Old Oola Lab

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Old Oola Lab

Old Oola Lab map.jpg
Map of Old Oola Lab

Point of Interest
Akk Wilds
(Metrica Province)
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Old Oola Lab.jpg
Old Oola Lab

Interactive map

Old Oola Lab is a point of interest within the Akk Wilds. This cavern is the abandoned lab of the legendary asura researcher Oola. It has been locked down since Oola's death and her equipment and notes can be found scattered throughout. Old Oola Lab is found to the south of Cuatl Waypoint [&BLIEAAA=].


Event shield (tango icon).png Protect Orl's research krewe (9)








  • The Matrix Imprint Lock can be opened with an Energy Crystal after speaking to Researcher Orl about it, this triggers an event.
    • The required Energy Crystal may be cheaply bought from the Black Lion Trading Post.
  • After the events conclusion, the outer door closes and the towers in this area become unstable and do damage. It is best to exit to the south.
  • It is not required to enter the lab to receive map completion credit for this POI, just approach the door.
  • There are no restrictions on Mounts in this area. The front door can be bypassed altogether by flying into the between the door and the roof with a Griffon or jumping onto the door frame with a Springer. Dismount while in that space and jump down into the dungeon. However, it can be difficult to avoid damage long enough to remount inside. Moreover, the chest at the southern exit of the area can also be reached on Mounts, by simply jumping up the cliff with the Springer , Griffon or Skyscale. The south entrance is visible from Akk Wilds Waypoint.