Old Oola Lab

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Old Oola Lab

Old Oola Lab map.jpg
Map of Old Oola Lab

Point of Interest
Akk Wilds
(Metrica Province)
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Old Oola Lab is a point of interest within the Akk Wilds. This cavern is the abandoned lab of the legendary asura researcher Oola. It has been locked down since Oola's death, and her equipment and notes can be found scattered throughout.

Her lab is notoriously well-guarded[1], even after being abandoned for more than two hundred and fifty years[2].

Getting there[edit]

Intended route[edit]

Primary article: Protect Orl's research krewe

Typically Old Oola Lab is only accessible during Event shield (tango icon).png Protect Orl's research krewe (9). Head south from Waypoint (map icon).png Cuatl Waypoint, towards Oola's Hero point.png Hero Challenge. Speak to Researcher Orl there, or head inside if he's already through the outer door. Wait for any dialogue, then place an Energy Crystal in the Matrix Imprint Lock. (An Energy Crystal may be cheaply purchased on the Trading Post if you don't have one.) The event will start and the locked door will open.

Back door with mounts[edit]

With the use of a mount such as a Springer or Skyscale, you can break into the lab outside of the event. Note that the defenses will still be active, making the area much more dangerous.

The easiest route is to enter through the exit tunnel south of the lab. Start from Waypoint (map icon).png Akk Wilds Waypoint and head directly northeast, looking for a ledge with a purple flower and a Chest visible. Jump up onto it using your mount, then follow the tunnel north into the lab, looking out for turrets as you go.

Alternatively, you may be able to jump over the gap above the door, using either a Springer or Griffon. You will have to dismount while in the gap in order to fit through. Because of the immediate danger of the turrets, you may be unable to mount again on the other side, so this method is not recommended.

The turrets fire a homing projectile called Necrotic Energy, which can only travel along the ground and up slopes or walls to a certain degree. Because they stick to the ground, these projectiles can be avoided by staying in the air, either by gliding where possible, or using a flying mount such as the Skyscale or Griffon.


  • It is not required to enter the lab to receive map completion credit for this location: just approach the door.
  • The turrets' attacks will appear in the combat log as " hits you for # using Necrotic Energy", indicating that they are unnamed.


  • The descriptions of Oola's Data Crystal and Oola's Study on Ancient Magic both refer to this location as "Old Oola's Lab", implying that might be the intended name.
  • Oola's Lab also appeared in the original Guild Wars. However, that location is west of Rata Sum, so it is likely to be a different lab than this one.

  1. ^ Researcher Orl#Dialogue:
    Researcher Orl: Tread carefully. When it came to defending her lab and its secrets, Oola was ruthlessly efficient. As she was in everything she did.
    <Character name>: What does that mean, exactly?
    Researcher Orl: It means that the greatest brains in asuran history are splayed across the devious defenses Oola built into the walls, floor, and ceiling. Avoid those three things and you might make it [sic] few feet further.
  2. ^ Protect Orl's research krewe#Dialogue:
    Research Assistant: But it could be anywhere! This lab's been abandoned for two hundred and fifty years!