Dispersed Energy

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Dispersed Energy is a mini-dungeon in Dzasha Uplands within Domain of Vabbi.


Dispersed Energy Domain of Vabbi 5Achievement points
Successfully defeat the Branded Ley-Line Anomaly in Dzasha Uplands. Defeated the Branded Ley-Line Anomaly 5Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

Head north from Market Ruins Waypoint until you get to the Ruins of the Mirror of Lyss in Grand Court of Sebelkeh. From here either take the skimmer route following the water west past the raid portal or with access to a flying mount or springer, straight up the mountains to the east.


Following the skimmer route, you want to take the trails that lead upwards. There are a few crystals that seemingly "block" tunnel paths but really indicate the way forward as they can be walked through. These paths also have crystal strikes. Continue through the tunnels and up the crystalline ramps to reach the summit. Alternatively, taking a flying mount or springer you can skip the tunnels and ramps.

The top platform contains an area protected from the Fury of the Brand and a chest. Opening the box spawns the Champion Branded Ley-Line Anomaly and event. The achievement is obtained upon killing the anomaly.