Rebel's Seclusion (mini-dungeon)

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Rebel's Seclusion

Rebel's Seclusion (mini-dungeon) map.jpg
Map of Rebel's Seclusion

Rebel's Seclusion is an Explorer achievement earned by locating a Splendid Chest in Rebel's Seclusion mini-dungeon within Fireheart Rise.


Rebel's Seclusion Explorer 10Achievement points
Explore Rebel's Seclusion.It isn't grave robbing if they fight back, right?. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to the area is northeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Breaktooth's Waypoint. Look for a cave entrance guarded by Separatists.


Head Northeast along the wall until you reach some pillars and an opening. (You will pass a shallow cave) Head between the pillars East and then Southward. There will be Separatist fighters along the way. Eventually, you will encounter Ascalonian ghosts. Walk around the corner and start heading North, up a short hill, until you see the Splendid Chest guarded by a Veteran Ascalonian Enchanter. The Achievement is credited upon reaching the chest. It is not necessary to open it.







  • There is a chest where you encounter the Separatists fighting the Ascalonian ghosts, bringing the total to two chests.
  • Though it appears you can climb the steps in the cliff face, you cannot. The access is much simpler.
  • Most enemies can be bypassed or avoided by use of Mounts.