Bad Neighborhood

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Bad Neighborhood

Bad Neighborhood map.jpg
Map of Bad Neighborhood

Bad Neighborhood.jpg
Bad Neighborhood

Bad Neighborhood is an Explorer achievement and mini-dungeon that starts at Beggar's Burrow just north of Lake Delavan in Queensdale.


Bad Neighborhood Explorer 10Achievement points
Infiltrate the bandit's hideout.Plug your nose and grab the goods. Exploration Achievement 10Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

Start from Waypoint (tango icon).png Ojon's Lumbermill Waypointloading… and head northwest, crossing Lake Delavan. Look for a door embedded in the wall that is guarded by three bandits, and interact with it to enter the mini-dungeon.


Enter the cave and either fight your way or run to the Splendid Chest, guarded by a Veteran Bandit Saboteur, to get the achievement. To leave, run up the hill behind the chest and use the Door to exit the cave.






  • There are no restrictions on Mounts in this area.