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Dwarven Room Raider

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Dwarven Room Raider is an achievement available in All or Nothing.


Dwarven Room Raider All or Nothing 5Achievement points
Gather dwarven plates from all the rooms in the Dwarven Catacombs.
Objectives: 5 objectives in total
  • Dwarven Sauna
  • Dwarven Library
  • Gauntlet Room
  • Tomb of Marhan
  • Crystal Room
Collected 5 Dwarven Plates 5Achievement points


Before starting, acquire a Light of Deldrimor Plate from the Trading Post, or from completing the Thunderhead Peaks map's two meta events, The Oil Floes and Thunderhead Keep.

You cannot proceed when "ghostly mischief" is active, as Frodak refuses to assist you until it dies down.


From Waypoint (map icon).png History's End Waypoint go north into the Catacombs until you reach Point of interest (map icon).png Ironhammer Crossing, then take a right. Follow the tunnel path where it will lead you further down and eventually into the main circular room. In this room, there are two levels. The yellow, gold/orange, purple rooms are downstairs and the green, blue, red rooms are upstairs. Each room is locked behind a gate which can only be accessed by placing its corresponding colored plate on the teleporter in front of it.


Speaking to Frodak Steelstar will trade a Light of Deldrimor Plate for the first random colored plate and also grant the Light of Deldrimor special action skill.

Match the first colored plate on your character's back with the color of the gated room. Interact with the plate on the ground and transport into the first room. Each gated room will have a short puzzle and contain a different colored plate at the end to unlock the next room.

Once you acquire the next plate at the end of the room, the color of the plate will change on your character's back. Also, each room has two small hidden chests to be found using the Light of Deldrimor special action skill that points to the hidden chests. Once finished, navigate back to the entrance of the room and back into the main circular room. Proceed to the next colored room and so forth until you obtain the final green plate to enter The Hammer's Hoard.

The final room contains 3 chests:


Icon Gate Color Room Name Solution
Red Dwarven Icon.png Red Dwarven Library Use the torches to navigate the maze to find the next plate. Note that the torches will expire over time. Not having a torch with you will over time spawn Veteran Gravelings. The library is always the first room.
Blue Dwarven Icon.png Blue Dwarven Sauna Traverse the room, while avoiding the lava spouts and giant fans, to reach the next plate. There is an achievement to take off every piece of armor after the ghost dwarf quips about showing some skin.
Orange Dwarven Icon.png Gold/Orange Gauntlet Room A room with a series of lava spouts (and a falling ceiling trap) that will instantly down anyone coming in contact with them. Reach the end to receive the next plate.
Purple Dwarven Icon.png Purple Tomb of Marhan Kill the Veteran Graveling that spawns when you interact with the Battered Sarcophagus and the plate will be on the floor. The Consul's Tomb lies within this room.
Yellow Dwarven Icon.png Yellow Crystal Room A room with a series of teleports encased in crystal. Use the cannon by bouncing the shots off the walls to clear the crystals. The plate is under the last crystal.
Green Dwarven Icon.png Green The Hammer's Hoard This final room contains a Dwarven Chest, a Forgotten Cache, and a resplendent Hidden Chest which can be revealed by using the Light of Deldrimor special action skill.


  • You can find two hidden chests within the Brechnar's Gauntlet area at the top of the ramps.
  • Frodak Steelstar will give an account only one plate each day. Only 3 colored plates (excluding green) can be gathered per day as part of the puzzle.
  • Each instance of Thunderhead Peaks has a different series of semi randomized rooms and colored plates.
  • The Red Room (library) is always the first room. The treasure vault (green) is always after three other plates.
  • Be careful not to change the map while doing the puzzle (like pressing "Yes" when a map is closing due to few players). This might cause you to get the same plate twice and get stuck in the puzzle step, without any way to fix it.
  • If you miss or forget a hidden treasure, you can return to the four rooms you opened and check again.
  • The Blue Room (sauna) frequently has one of the two chests inside a wall section between the main room and the back room. If you cannot reach the chest from the edge sections of the small room in the back, it probably cannot be reached at all.

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