Help Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller assault Sootpan Kraal

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Help Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller assault Sootpan Kraal

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller assault Sootpan Kraal is a level 42 group event that occurs in Soot Road. The ogres of Grand Behemian kraal have crossed the line, and their targets intend to give them a lesson in manners.

In order for this event to occur, both Splintercrest and Foewatch must be attacked by ogres. At a minimum, the defense at Splintercrest must fail and the camp liberated after. Foewatch can have a successful defense, or it can be captured and liberated as well. Only then will Foewatch send an emissary to Splintercrest to suggest a joint operation.


  • Help the assault squad reach Sootpan Kraal and lure out the ogre beastmaster.


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 2,536 Experience.png 207 Karma 48 Copper coin
Silver 2,156 Experience.png 176 Karma 41 Copper coin
Bronze 1,902 Experience.png 156 Karma 36 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 42 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before the event starts
Captain Ironstar: Lieutenant, go find out if the charr will help us.
Lieutenant Fynn: Charr, sir? I don't know if they'll help.
Captain Ironstar: I didn't ask for an opinion. Just do it, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Fynn: Sorry, sir. It's all new to me. I'll leave right away.
Kor the Warcaller: I smell garbage. Oh, right. Humans.
Legionnaire Kott Shatterskull: Hey, be civil around these ones. They're different.
Kor the warcaller: Yeah. Cease-fire. Woo. Big deal. See my tail? See? I'm so happy!
Lengionnaire Kott Shatterskull: I mean it, Kor. Keep your teeth to yourself.
Lieutenant Fynn: Hail, charr. I come with a proposal.
Legionnaire Kott Shatterskull: What proposal?
Lieutenant Fynn: Ogre-killing. Something you'll enjoy.
Kor the Warcaller: Yes! Let's do it. I like watching humans die.
Lieutenant Fynn: Hopefully you'll see ogres die instead. We plan to go after the beastmaster camp to the north. Interested?
Legionnaire Kott Shatterskull: Sure. I'll send some soldiers, under Kor's command. It'll be good for him, bad for ogres.
Lieutenant Fynn: Ogres! Be at the ready.
Kor the Warcaller: Now we'll see what you're made of, human.
Lieutenant Fynn: Not meat, if that's what you're thinking.
Kor the Warcaller: Haha! Tough spirits make tough soldiers.
Upon event success
Lieutenant Fynn: Ogre-killing. I knew you'd enjoy it.
Kor the Warcaller: More satisfying than preying on the lesser races, that's true.
Lieutenant Fynn: You fought well. Strange to be fighting with you, instead of against you.
Kor the Warcaller: Bah! We mesh well. You mice are the bait, and we are the steel jaws of the trap.
Lieutenant Fynn: Err. You're welcome. I think.
Kor the Warcaler: Now, human, tell me: you said something about another plan?
Lieutenant Fynn: We're attacking Behemian Grand Kraal, to the northeast. It's full of ogres, so we'll flank east around the pass to hit the side gate.
Kor the Warcaller: Side gate? Bah! Your plan makes us look feeble, like we fear death. I'll tell you what we'll do: front gate, head first.
Lieutenant Fynn: Hey, I don't fear death, but I'm in no hurry to die.
Kor the Warcaller: Don't worry. If you die, I'll make sure to personally slit your killer's throat.


If the ogre beastmaster is not fought within the unwalled section of his camp (marked by the Ogre Flagstand), his health will frequently reset.