Defend the beehives from hungry bears

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Defend the beehives from hungry bears

Clayent Falls
Event type
Event cog (tango icon).png Dynamic event
Interactive map

Interactive map

Defend the beehives from hungry bears is a level 8 dynamic event that occurs in Clayent Falls.


  • Beehives remaining: x
  • Hungry bear morale: x%


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 425 Experience.png 54 Karma.png 12 Copper coin
Silver 362 Experience.png 46 Karma.png 11 Copper coin
Bronze 319 Experience.png 41 Karma.png Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 8 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event start
Hannah: By the gods! Bears are after my honey, and they don't care who they hurt to get it!
Fiona Hastings: Hey! Just what do you think you're doing there, bear?
Fiona Hastings: I didn't invite you to help yourself to my honey!
Fiona Hastings: I'd remember if I did. Someone, anyone, help! Protect the beehives!
Talking to Hannah during the event
Can you help us? The bears... hungry, ravenous bears have gotten into the honey! We need someone to stop them!
Tick green.png Where are they?
Here, let me show you. Please hurry!
Talk end option tango.png I'm on my way.
Talk end option tango.png Sorry, I can't help.
Talking to Fiona during the event
Why? Why are you standing here, talking to me? Can't you hear them? The screams of innocent bees? Please protect the bee boxes from the bears!
Talk end option tango.png Right, okay. Good-bye, then.
Talking to Gideon during the event
Bears! I'm allergic to bears! Especially the part about them mauling me to death!
Talk end option tango.png I'll handle the bears.
During the event
Fiona Hastings: Begone, bear! I know you think I want you here, but I don't!
Fiona Hastings: Protect the beehives! These merciless bears won't stop until there's nothing left!
Event success
Fiona Hastings: Ha! You can't beat me, bears!
Fiona Hastings: You were so focused on getting your paws on my sweet, sweet honey...
Fiona Hastings: You never thought I'd get help, did you? But I know people. Dangerous people.
Fiona Hastings: Let this be a lesson to you! Remember it the next time you think of stealing my honey!
Event failure
Fiona Hastings: My bees! My beautiful bees!
Fiona Hastings: I knew them all by name, and now they're gone—gone!
Fiona Hastings: It'll take time, but I guess I'll just have to start over.
Talking to Fiona after event failure
My frightened little bees. I expect it will be some time before they're ready to face the world again.
Talk end option tango.png I'm pretty sure they'll recover.
Talking to Hannah after event failure
Bears again! Always bears! This job is going to get me killed!
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye!


  • The Hungry Bears become "stuffed" and friendly when they've eaten enough honey.
  • After completing the event, Fiona Hastings will be available as a merchant for a short time.