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Hylek Alchemy Chapter 2: Healing Breath

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Hylek Alchemy Chapter 2- Healing Breath.png

Hylek Alchemy Chapter 2: Healing Breath

Item type
Crafting material
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png HOPE I: Research
Account Bound
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Hint: Speak to Atlalli, the Master Alchemist in the Hunting Grounds of Timberline Falls to start the Hylek Medicine's Test once you have crafted the Vial of Healing Breath.

— In-game description


  • Speak to Atlalli with the Vial of Healing Breath in your inventory. Use the Vial and initiate the interaction. After healing Atlalli over a period of time, you will be credited with this item in your collection.


  • The item is either not actually given, or it is consumed immediately upon acquire, as it will not show up in your inventory.
  • This is the second entry in the Hylek Alchemy Apprentice Tome, demonstrating the player's mastery of Hylek healing alchemy.