Fiona Hastings

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Fiona Hastings


Interactive map

Fiona Hastings runs a beehive farm on the northern shore of the lake in the Clayent Falls with her son, Gideon Hastings. After successfully defending the beehives from bears, she will become a merchant.



Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Jar of Bees.png Jar of Bees Consumable Basic 24 Copper coin
Raw Honey.png Raw Honey
(Only if the HOPE I: Research collection is active.)
Crafting material Exotic Silver coin 28 Copper coin
Lump of Beeswax.png Lump of Beeswax
(Requires the achievement Frostfang III: Tooth of Frostfang.)
Crafting material Exotic 50 Silver coin


While Defend the beehives from hungry bears event is active
Why? Why are you standing here, talking to me? Can't you hear them? The screams of innocent bees? Please protect the bee boxes from the bears!
Talk end option tango.png Right, okay. Good-bye, then.
If Defend the beehives from hungry bears event has failed
My frightened little bees. I expect it will be some time before they're ready to face the world again. Poor dears are absolutely traumatized.
Talk end option tango.png I'm pretty sure they'll recover.