Glyph of Overload

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Glyph of Overload

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Double-click to apply this to a gathering tool. Applies the Overload special action skill when fully charged, which grants +100% chance of extra gathering strikes while charges are available. Gather from resource nodes to build charges. Harvesting nodes consume additional charges.

— In-game description


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  • Gains 1 charge of Arcane Spark (effect).png Arcane Spark when you fully harvest a node up to a maximum of 25.
  • While at 10 or more charges gain access to the  Overload (gathering).png Overload special action key.
    • When used, transforms all stacks of Arcane Spark into Overload Charge (effect).png Overload Charge.
    • Fully harvesting a node will consume stacks of Overload Charge and grant one extra strike.
      • Ore and lumber consumes 2 charges per node.
      • Plants consume 3 charges per node.
      • If you don't have enough charges remaining (1 for ore and lumber, 1 or 2 for plants), it will consume all charges and still grant the extra strike.
  • All charges last 1hr, are per character, and persist through map changes.
  • The charges are only active for tools that have the Glyph of Overload equipped.
  • You can safely remove the glyph from any or all tools without affecting your remaining stacks of Arcane Spark (effect).png Arcane Spark