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Unbound Harvesting Sickle

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Unbound Harvesting Sickle.png

Unbound Harvesting Sickle

Item type
Harvesting sickle
Basic Harvesting Sickle
Req. level
Account Bound
Item link
Skin link

Used to gather all plants.

Rewards unbound magic in addition to harvesting results.

— In-game description

Unbound Harvesting Sickle is a harvesting sickle with 25 uses that can gather all types of plants, while also producing Unbound Magic on each gathering strike.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Baron Jon Xander Baron Jon Xander Saidra's Haven Lake Doric 4,900 Karma.png
Exemplar Ylan Exemplar Ylan Fort Evennia Lake Doric 4,900 Karma.png
Explorer Rakk Explorer Rakk Caliph's Steps Ember Bay 4,900 Karma.png
King Zoran King Zoran Dwayna's Reliquary Siren's Landing 4,900 Karma.png
Queen Bahar Queen Bahar Lyssa's Reliquary Siren's Landing 4,900 Karma.png
Research Assistant Ulaa Research Assistant Ulaa Lava Flats Ember Bay 4,900 Karma.png
Sun Warming Sun Warming Brakbrak Ice Snarl Bitterfrost Frontier 4,900 Karma.png
Z.O.X. Z.O.X. Ancient Hollow Draconis Mons 4,900 Karma.png


If this tool is used to harvest nodes with multiple harvests (ie. synthesizers), only the last harvest that depletes the node will provide Unbound Magic.