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Thaw Elixir

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The Thaw Elixir is a potion used by newly transformed Sons of Svanir to sustain the extreme cold temperatures to which they are regularly exposed. Consuming the Thaw Elixir is a must to survive The Bitter Cold area and its harsh weather, negating the effect of Bitter Cold.png Bitter Cold by granting Cold Resistance.png Cold Resistance.



The following items need to be in the character's inventory to brew the elixir:


  • If nearby enemies interrupt you as you are brewing the elixir, the components will be consumed without successfully brewing the elixir.
  • The Thaw Elixir doesn't exist as an item itself; after brewing it, the effect is automatically gained. It's only mentioned in several item descriptions and Living World episodes.
  • Despite the duration being listed as about 24 hours, the effects of the elixir's Cold Resistance will reset at daily reset, making it more effective if done shortly after reset.
    • The effect does, however, have a minimum duration of 2 hours, allowing you to get credit for the daily on multiple resets at the price of having its protection for less time .
  • If you do not have enough ingredients, attempting to brew the elixir may remove the Grawl Firestone from your inventory without granting the Cold Resistance effect.
  • If you log out or do not finish the story while Cold Resistance is active and it runs out, you may have to restart the entire storyline to make a new one.

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